TikTok's Impact on Politics How tiktok users are using their platform to engage in politics, speaking to millions.

TikTok, being founded in September of 2016, is a video-sharing network where users can interact with certain audios, being music or voice-overs. This can be in the form of dancing, performing a comedic skit, or engaging in viral challenges. However, as the 2020 election comes closer, TikTok users have been spreading their political views in the form of short clips. Reaching an audience of millions listening to their input.

Both 2020 presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

When asking senior, Karen Yang, the prime demographic of these TikToks. When asked: Has TikTok impacted your political views, or certain ways you perceive certain situations? Karen replied, "No, I think of TikTok purely as a form of social media, meaning there is a vast array of information that can or cannot be verified." Playing into that, it is important to note that not every TikTok can be fact-checked or looked into. A majority of the political TikToks made usually poke fun at the other side, but some bring statistics into the mix of an argument. As Karen puts it, "...the viewer should be responsible for researching claims and not bandwagon."

On the contrary, when interviewing junior, Sierra Haurani, a member of the JSA, she had this to say about TikTok and its involvement in political affairs: "Tiktok has made understanding other's opinions a lot more accessible with its platform. I think my own political views have changed after watching so many different TikToks, but normally not without me doing some outside reading." TikTok has a lot of opportunity to educate our younger audience when it comes to sharing information. In the form of a 60-second video, there's a lot of potential to discuss underrepresented conversations and news stories that are happening as we speak. However, similar to Karen, she states, "Often it's young people reporting on how they perceive things, which is great! But, sometimes it is easy to forget that we do not always know the full story based off of a 60-second clip..."

Here are some examples of Democratic and Republican TikToks, using their platforms to spread their political message:

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