Hammerhead Shark By: Adam

Hammerhead Shark physical characteristics

-Nostrils at the tip of their head and large eyes at each side of it

-Mouth is small, contains serrated teeth and locates under the head

-Have two dorsal fins, the first larger than the other

Hammerhead Shark Adaptations

-An Adaptation is something about an animal that helps them survive

-Behavioral Adaptations are what they do to survive

-Structural Adaptations are what is already bult into them to help them survive

-Sharp sense of smell- helps find prey.

-These sharks are the only shark that travel in packs (or schools) to catch prey

-Limiting Factor of Hammerhead sharks is the high level of pollution in their habitats. It will destroy the food chain or destroy this species.

-Teeth are super sharp and can bite fish easily

-Eye can see all around but maybe not right behind it

-Head can ram stuff

-Fins can make shark go super fast

-Gills make it so it can breathe under water

-Skin color can blend in with water

Hammerhead shark ecosystems

-An ecosystem is where it lives

-found worldwide in tropical and warm coastal waters

-found in the adjacent coral reefs, lagoons and surrounding deep waters.


-Herbivores Eat Plants

-Carnivores Eat Meat

-Omnivores Eat Meat And Plants

-Detritivores Eat Dead Stuff

Hammerhead Sharks Are Carnivores

Hammerhead Shark Food Chain And Web Compared

-A food chain shows an animals predator and prey and food it eats

-A food web is a food chain that describes the other animals too

-Both start with sun

-Chain shows all fish that it eats

-Web shoes fish

-Web Has Seaweed and worms

-Chain has stuff magnified


-A predator is what you usually get killed by to get eaten

-Prey is what you hunt for

-A hammerhead shark's typical prey includes small fish, stingrays, small sharks and squid.

-Are not generally eaten by other predators as the young tend to stay in shallower waters, out of the reach of other predators

Producer,Consumer, and Deconsumer

-Producers make there own food

-Consumers eat other food made already

-Deconsumers eat dead stuff

-Hammerhead shark is a consumer


-Photosynthesis is from a plants sugar

-Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen

-We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide

-Sugar is from a mix of Carbon, Hydrogen, and oxygen

Information from bil nie the science guy

The Water Cycle

-The Water Cycle is a rotation of how and where water comes from

-Evaporation comes from the ocean and goes up to the sky

-Condensation is where the water forms a cloud

-Precipitation is where it rains

-Then it starts over again

-This water provides home for the Hammerhead shark

Vertebrate vs Invertebrate

-Vertebrate is a large group of an animal that has a backbone

-Invertebrate is a large group of an animal that doesn't have a backbone

-Hammerhead Shark is a Vertebrate


-Metamorphosis is a change of you


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