Solar Power By:Lydia ChaFfe

Solar power

Solar power travels through your roof though inverter to the circuit breaker, the sun shines on your solar panels on the ground and on your roof, the light from the sun stimulates electrons on solar panels.


  • Fossil fuels
  • Using coal
  • Natural gas
  • Oil


  • Clean fossil fuels
  • Sun exists
  • Energy is still produced on a cloudy day


  • Cannot be created during the night
  • The power is generated
  • Panel is facing the sun

Solar power location

  • Southern British Columbia Ontario
  • Quebec Ontario

InventorsĀ solar power

  • Russell Ohl
  • Gerald Pearson
  • Calvin Fuller
  • Daryl Chapin

That's all I learned about solar power!

By;Lydia Chaffe

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