Death Valley Our camping trip

We decided to spend New Years in Death Valley. Originally we wanted to camp in Monument Valley and explore southern Utah but the weather forecast was miserable with snow and rain so we found the warmes and driest place within a reasonable distance and north of the border.

Coming in from the east we were greeted by hefty winds and dust from the sand dunes. The park entry station was closed and no entry fees were being collected.

Mesquite Sand Dunes
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The National Park Service Stove Pipe campground was open but due to the budget impasse, no CG fees were being collected. Lots of happy campers there.

Stovepipe RV Park

The Stovepipe RV Park is operated by a concessionaire and was open. Our senior pass earned us a 50% discount so we ended up paying $20.00 a night for full hookups.

Off we went to do some exploring

Devils Corn Field

I'm not quite sure I agree with the description of this area but maybe January isn't the right time of year to see the resemblence ...

Stanna took the doggies for a walk while I explored the Borax Works.

Harmony Borax Works
Golden Canyon

Next stop was the Golden Canyon. The girls waited out front while I hiked to the top. The colors and formations in this canyon are awesome.

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Stanna was having fun videotaping a coyote that was lingering at the entrance to the Canyon area.

Wiley Coyote

Not shy in the least, Wiley Coyote was posing for pictures

On the road to Artists Drive

Artists Drive
Artists Palette

Down the road a bit is the Devils Golf Course.

Devils Golf Course

And further down the road is the lowest part in the Continental United States. Bad Water. 282 feet below sea level.

Bad Water

In the picture below, if you look real close, on the top right, 282 feet above, you can see a sign that says " ----- Sea Level"

Bad Water Parking Area

Thanks for watching!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting this together. Death Valley is an awesome place and there is much more to see than what I was able to capture in the few days we were there.


Copyrighty Kurt Obermeier 2018

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