Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart And The history of classical music

Leopold Mozart

Mozart was born at Salzburg, Austria in January 27, 1756. Mozart’s dad, Leopold Mozart, was a composer in Salzburg and immediately after seeing his son play a musical instrument he realized he had an extraordinary musical talent. Leopold then devoted his whole life to teaching Mozart to become successful.

Mozart's first childhood viola

Mozart Lived in a time were the wealthy controlled all the cities and the aristocrats were the ones in power. Wolfgang’s mother was born into a middle-class family Leopold and Wolfgang’s mother were introduced to music at an early age. Wolfgang at the age of three saw what his mother was doing and mimicked her. Wolfgang began to learn a deep understanding of cords, tone and tempo. Leopold had two children and both were good at music. Wolfgang’s only sister was named Maria Anna nicknamed Nannerl. Nannerl was five years older than Wolfgang. Leopold took Wolfgang at the age of six and Nannerl at the age of 11 to Paris where they met famous musicians and their works like Johann Christian Bach.

Nannerl Mozart

When Wolfgang was 13 years old Leopold took Wolfgang to Rome where he could see other performances. Leopold wanted Wolfgang to perform in front of many different audiences. Later Mozart was summoned to Vienna by Archbishop von Colloredo who was an eir to the throne of Austria. This offended Mozart as it was like the eir thought Mozart was a slave to him.

Mozart's Grave

Around the mid 1780’s Mozart began to have financial difficulties, he was performing less and his lavish lifestyle kept going. Despite Mozart’s successful start as a musician he was still getting into financial failure. Mozart died on December 5th 1791. What caused Mozart's is still uncertain for sure but Mozart died at a young age of 35 but his legacy still lasts and is strong today as Mozart was one of the most famous musicians of all time.


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