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Blog #1 Week 1

The first week of my project, wasn't very productive to be frank. I have started my social media but haven't posted at all. I haven't read as much as I should because I am being a master procrastinator. However, I'm looking at all the books I can read throughout the project and I actually think I have a pretty clear idea of who my mentor will be.

Blog #2 Week 2

I started reading more, however, my biggest issue is consistency, I can't seem to read the same amount every day which is the reason for me not finishing books, I lose the momentum I had and start from zero again. Interestingly enough, I am starting to learn the reasons why one starts to lose inspiration and seems sit still in the book I am reading which is Psycho-Cybernetics.

Blog #3 Week 3

I am getting better at understanding the daily obstacles one faces by stepping and back and reflecting upon what i know. Along with understanding the inhibitions one faces I also am understanding what drives an individual and how to stay successful and productive in life. The mentor I had in mind will be my mentor for this project. My mentor will be my sister since she has always read multitudes of books through her life and is very passionate about reading.

Blog #4 Week 4

I am posting way more content on my Joshreads account than I have in the past, I'm striving to not go more then 2 days without posting. I'm mostly posting videos, most videos reaches the maximum length of time Instagram's allows (1 minute) so I have to post more than one video for each topic I am discussing.

Blog # 5: Week 5

I have learnt a great deal about social media. I have found that the best platform for social media is actually Facebook, this is because FB has people regularly revisiting the site a couple times a week. The best social medias to use below FB would be Instagram and Snapchat, and YouTube. Snapchat is impractical for what I´m doing and I will mostly be using FB, Insta, and YouTube for my project. One thing that I found crucial to Insta is putting A LOT of hashtags. #´s allow more people to see your posts on the explorer page which reaps in more followers and likes.

Blog #6: Week 6

I have been applying the techniques I have shared on my social medias in my own life frequently since I don't want to come off as a hypocrite and also I can share my personal experiences with others. . For example, writing out a "hate letter" letting out all your frustrations on a paper and then burning the letter in order for no one else to see it because the repercussions of someone finding the letter would be devastating, it helps a great deal because we unconsciously have anger constantly and we exert this anger.

Blog #7: Week 7

I'm have been really focusing on finance and business these past two weeks. I have read the E-Myth by Micheal E. Gerber and Im finishing Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins and I have done extra research on money, business and a balanced soul. Tony Robbins, Lewis Mocker, Micheal E. Gerber, and Dr. Maxwell Maltz, these extraordinary individuals provide some great insights into these topic, especially to those going through some rough times.

Blog #8: Week 8

I have been very lazy this week. Not much accomplished on reading books but I have been listening to TedTalks and news articles, VICE news is really the only news source I trust frankly. I have learned a bit I haven't posted any videos though, R.I.P. I will be reading more the next week for sure. I will be reading more next week and post a lot of juicy content and maybe even try to collab with someone. Probably not that last part cause no one else to does this in school lets be honest.

Blog #9: Week 9

This week I have been talking to a lot of people about finance, business, and general well-being. I have mostly talked with adults about these things since most adolescents don't give a single cracker for their own lives. I have been recommended to follow some smart individuals in the world of business and investing and I have recommended the people I already follow to other individuals. Being more educated in only three areas has allowed me to network more.

Blog #10: Week #10

It seems that my symposium presentation was mostly a success. I have seen mostly positive feedback, with some constructive criticism. There were some obvious drawbacks of my project, my board sucked I already knew that *chuckles*, but the one I wasn't expecting was the review telling me to be more formal, was probably a stinky teacher or slimy administrator, *lets out a hearty har*. Maybe I was using to much humor and sarcasm during my presentation, I'm like that everyday though I fear I can only reduce the amount I exert unto the world.

Blog #11: Week #11

I have read two books this week, "The Richest Man in Babylon" and "Rich Dad Poor Dad." These were fantastic books when it comes to personal finance and prosperity with your money. I would highly recommend these books to anyone, especially young people. Reason being, the younger you start to take the path to financial freedom the better. One can make mistakes early on in their lives to learn early. I will be starting another book today "7 Habits of Highly Effective People and then I will move on to think and grow rich.

Blog #12: Week #12

I am currently reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It is a very interesting book because delves deep into the utility of the unconscious mind, the book offers processes to use that apparently 500+ successful entrepreneurs have used in all types of business. A lot of quotes and general wisdom I usually hear from the people I look up too and just in general throughout the world can be traced back to this book. I really procrastinated reading which is why I'm barely finishing one book when I finished two last week.
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