Stock market Project NOra

The best Companies trough out the whole project have been large companies like Facebook and Amazon. Trough out the end I sold my smaller companies due to that they I did not gain any profit. I did not the other hand not lose any of my investments but nothing happened. The companies that lost the most in were companies who were not well known but became successful at the time because of various reasons like a single product or event. Because the graph that showed the success of a smaller company like AB Inbev only shows the small period of time. This means that the company doesn't have to be successful for as long as a famous company like McDonald's. My top three best companies were McDonald's, Amazon and Netflix. my three worst investments were RyanAir, AB Inbev and Inteslat S.A.

In the future I will pay more attention to future events of a company that might affect its performance and Value. I would for example buy shares in Apple before they released a new product. I would look at a the success of a company in a bigger picture and not only how it is at the time. I would also take into consideration of where the company is from and how their economical situation will an affect. I have learned a lot about the stock market and that there is a lot of research and precision going into this but also luck. I will not Invest in stocks or try to earn money from the stock market because I feel like it is too unpredictable. You can never know how people work and if people will care about a company. A companies value is dependent on the buyers and users and people can be unpredictable. The Stock market does not only affect the investors but also all the people related to a company, weather it is that you work there, finance it or trade with it. It is like an invisible network of different people and their money and a companies money. Before this Unit I never thought of what a Brand really is, more then a store or a company. How a value is not it's in the earning but in every other economic way you can think of.

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