Hopes and dreams create happiness because they are in reach for you to make a reality. By: Aaliyah Alcantar

The impact George and Lennie's dream had on them was happiness. Before they got to the ranch, they had no where to go and nothing to be happy about. However, later when they are living on the ranch, they have something to live for and be happy about. It would not just be the two of them anymore, they finally have someone else that cares about them as well. They would finally have their own place and live by their own rules.
Montresor's dream in The Cask of Amontillado is to get revenge on Fortunato. He makes his dream a reality by killing him in a cellar. This brings Montresor happiness, for this is what he wanted to accomplish; to make Fortunato pay.
Jesse's dream is to date Rebecca. In the episode where they meet for the first time, Jesse instantly liked Rebecca and knew that he wanted her to be his. Jesse's dream makes him very happy because he doesn't have a girlfriend and he knew that Rebecca was the one for him.
People need to have dreams and hope for things in life. Without them, they won't ever be happy in life. In order to go through life and be happy, you have to have something to look forward to. Without hopes and dreams, you may never be happy like others.

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