Behind True Blue Eyes The INCREDIBLE Lifetime of Kevin Kolenda - - DEALING with decades of Government Corruption in connecticut - - Abuses of Political Might that makes all other political scandals shrink in comparison - - Ct.gov self inflicts a Historical fiscal collapse from Richest to Poorest state -- while ignoring the only unsolved (solvable) law enforcement officer murder in state history - - But, don't hoodwink yourself into thinking this is a some sorta, seen it before, mYSTERY solving over corruption story, surprise ending . . . . . It is and Its MOST DEF Not ! , , , , , It is overall a riotous romp that includes chapter upon chapters of a WILD myriad of high times and high jinx with the “shakers and movers” in the V.I.P. world of celebrity, corporate SPONSORSHIP'S. PARTY w/ The Famous and the Infamous at sporting events, charity fundraisers with special CONTEST promotions created by kevin kolenda - - from golf, ALL sports into Specialty Promotions where large $$ prize giveaways & fan fun are the norm. The ½ court basketball shots, slide the hockey puck, NFL football tosses into targets, Golf Hole-in-One & Putting Contests, tagged fish, even those direct mail pieces where YOU MAY HAVE WON a PRIZE ! Seen by practically everyone. Quietly amassing a 100,000 “who’s who” list of clients & associates, while forced to face a 20+ year, beyond the pale regulatory compliance case, Illegal prosecution and smear campaign (STILL ONGOING) by these same ignorant, corrupt Connecticut .gov officials, politicians, legal abusers and their unethical enablers . MOVE OVER SPITZER, NIXON, WEINER, Hunter Biden, SCHNEIDERMAN, lets mix it up with M jordan, j gotti, t woods, D Trump & more.


The Incredibly true lifetime of Kevin Kolenda a blue-eyed, blond-haired, budding “bookie” (illegal sports bet taker) with his child hood school friends & work associates in super affluent Fairfield County Connecticut, (the Gold Coast, Greenwich-Darien-Stamford-New Canaan area) during “The Godfather” dominated days, meeting the mob and dealing with the old school ways of “the boys”. Bringing, sports gambling out of the backwoods, backrooms, into a modern existence, operating, a contradistinctive way in comparison, considerably more corporate, and “the go to” vibrant largest local betting service along with all the pitfalls.

Superseding this one crazy career, with the creation of a ten-up crazy new industry, and niche small business start-up Hole-in-WON.com. A prize promotion company that calculated, created, copyrighted, developed, and popularized the two largest participant sport contests IN THE WORLD. Golf Hole-in-One and Golf Putting Contests.

Naturally, progressing, from golf into ALL other sports, specialty contest promotion creations, of large $$ prize giveaways and fan fun. The ½ court basketball shots, slide the hockey puck, football tosses into target holes, tagged fish, even those direct mail pieces where YOU MAY HAVE WON a PRIZE ! Seen by practically everyone ! Quietly amassing a 100,000, “who’s who” list of VIP clients and associates.

Lloyds of London meet Kevins of Connecticut.

Due to the widespread acceptance, the close-mouthed enterprising fortitude exhibited, by Kevin Kolenda, and the interesting nature of these promotions . . . DOUBLY combined with no understanding about how these popular, ground breaking, entertaining, state-of-the-art, services worked . . . TRIPLY-combined with the tragic state of affairs facing Connecticut, that “The Richest State” was to be exposed as an already in, deep desperate financial death spiral, onto becoming, “The Poorest per Capita State”. A historical top to bottom collapse, solely due to years of government malfeasance . . . He was forced to face a 20+ year (still ongoing), beyond the pale regulatory compliance case, legal prosecution and smear campaign by these same ignorant, corrupt Connecticut government officials, politicians, legal abusers and their unethical lap dog enablers.

The Connecticut Attorney General’s office as most CT state departments had an extensive indiscriminate history of “Biting the Hands that Feed Them”, despising and bullying business entrepreneurs. Not the Hedge Funds, ESPN or the equally matched. They were afflicted with “small balls”, sledge-hammering mom & pop and tiny businesses to swell up their pompous self-importance . . . fully aware of the oncoming fiscal abyss they alone created for the state. These desperate officials were now rolling “faster and looser” than ever before by attempting to take the popularity, significant notoriety and success of Kevin Kolenda’s Hole-in-WON.com firm in the middle of the Tiger Woods golf craze era, use as a scapegoat, to “take some of the heat off” of them, and create a shady side show for the fall of Connecticut. Regardless, to at least use as a hanging curve-ball, for the sure as hell forth coming, cries of the constituents “What the Hell Happened to our Fine State” by a newly enlightened, shocked and enraged state populace.

Never before have so many innocents been persecuted “without merit” by their home state government. The Associated Press and Washington Post ( of Watergate uncovering Fame) discovered 1000’s of similar state wide victims, (an amazing 4+ for every city in the state in just one year . . . Imagine what two decades worth would expose ! ) . . . But . . . Mr. Kolenda, with his unique business and elevated stature in the state was the urgent quintessence. In their reckless naivety, if the state took him and his small business down with rash publicity and major unwarranted fines this would make others fall in line, repair Connecticut’s economic demise and false god their selfish reputations. This never thought out plan only exacerbated CT’s self-inflicted fiscal mess and problems to this day.

These CT.gov cannibals with all their business, governmental, professional, economics and personal shortcomings were now forced into the bright lights of oncoming I-95 rush hour traffic jam of scrutiny. Thinking only about self-salvation . . . “Ass-u-me-d” that the ingrained public runs scared from a ya cant fight city hall sense, the state decided to overstep their bounds by leaps and install a Modus Operandi of publicity bullying on “What to do”, "How to do it” in business and in the media, to Kevin Kolenda and others would compound and be enough . . . plus if I and others didn’t rollover and do precisely what they wanted on their terms, they would resort to reckless illegalities. In their twisted minds, the fallback MO was always that they would and could do whatever the hell they wanted to . . . to score a PR win. Including, escalating unwarranted actions, get other state officials to pile on, inventing criminal acts, conspiring in breaking laws, intensifying threats, lying to everyone and anyone inside their circles, whom blind faith them without substantiation, while distributing constant false press releases with abhorrent anything goes slander . . . WHY NOT? No one has called them out in over 2 decades and . . . another ones gone . . . another ones gone . . . another small business, plus employees bites the dust . . . hey, hey . . . without much fanfare.

Expecting these Goliath.Gov vs. Davy.biz strong-arm antiquated legal schemes to work, or when faced with legitimate opposition, CT henchmen resorted to rinsing and repeating wrongful courtroom filings, where time and money, not the law is used as deadly extortion. Until the business, individual or case is financially extinguished. These jackasses always cockily asking my defense attorneys on the way into the courtroom, “How much longer can your client last ?”, cavalierly thinking this is just another walk in the pocketbook park onto crippling another CT resident, doing religiously like it has for the two + decades against countless small state businesses and individuals. To those that say this is the traditional state of affairs when fighting city hall. NO NEVER NOT. In one case against a self-representing whistle blowing 100 lb. women, over 70 x’s in court appearances was heeded, cackling in the capitol halls of Hartford justice like vainglorious jackals for 4 years before her appeal time This was norm! In my case, a pre-dawn raid by 20 commandos on a small town accountants office, where surprised state raiders found years of records that cleared me and substantial $$ balances to defend myself, to almost no end. To then bare face enlist & insist employees / potential witnesses to “Don’t worry we won’t go after you also . . . "IF !!”. If you illegally steal from his business, his bank accounts, his home, with the appetizing "we are the government you must trust us" . . . finishing with the desert of "otherwise yer next" a turn to the dark side for us spiel. All this outside the law nonsense resulted in massive cover upping, 4 thefts from my business case convictions and more mounting.

Then, on cue, fire out delusional tall tragic tales for the lap dog press aimed to distort Connecticut resident’s economic and quality of life outlooks, clamoring, “It’s not us that screwed up the state” . . . “It’s these hucksters?” . . . “We actually make the state money?” . . . WHA ? . . . by suing our own people ? LOL ?? . . . Are you fuggin kiddin me ? . . . The effects on the CT economy is mind-blowing, Stephen King could write a clown based horror novel with that carnage and thinking. Spending 100’s of millions of taxpayer dollars, to eliminate taxpayers is probably the oxi-est most moronic statement and business plan, you will hear in your life. CT was not only committing economic suicide, they were jumping off a roof AND taking cyanide at the same time while blowing and puffing themselves up as oblivious do-gooders. Only a delirious gluttonous snake could not recognize the financial bloodshed detrimental to the salvation of the state of Connecticut. The head of that snake, or the Stephen King Clowns are the creepy Hartford politicians and the odious odor they proudly protruded and spewed all around its own residents.

The original "Fake News" with Faux News in Connecticut story.

Fortunately and unfortunately it just didn’t work out that way. Now, that the fortuneless state of CT's unlimited legal budget had to be somewhat accounted for, plus it's a newer media world, where the internet can expose Connecticut Faux Newspapers, the fake BS news outlets as the only source of whats really happening, and they picked on the wrong righteous man with savvy resources and the true blue truth, behind him, hence a 20+ year fruitless battle.

In order to maintain and expand their ruse in this era, these unfit quacks, hacks, and associates had to abuse multiple legal systems, overstepping jurisdictional authority, twisting state statute interpretations, engaged in extraordinary regulatory official(s) and office(s) misconduct. Resorting to falsifying documents, coercion of witnesses, hiding all exculpatory evidence, circumventing defense attorneys, crossing criminal lines, breaking the law, improperly fabricated (just made up on a whim) non-existent laws in legal discussions and courtrooms, articulating cold-blooded false statements to at bare minimum hoodwinking any other government dupe to do their dirty work and/or be involved with them. Read about how downright disgusting it was on what the state of Connecticut did to everyday people like Val Hoffman, a scented candle small home business entrepreneur.

A total disregard for any proper intent of the regulatory system and any spirit of the law. Connecticut was going down “the tubes” fiscally and historically, state morale was at an all-time low, businesses are closing or leaving with people in record droves. Generated by their political actions and inaction's, 100’s of millions wasted on the tyrannical CT.gov’s watch and whims. Certainly these muck-ups needed, wanted and had to create major grandstanding diversions, and this is all they knew, how to crap on their own. “Bite another Connecticut Hand that Feeds Them”, or "Crap on another Hand that Wipes Them" publicity stunt in spades. Fairy Tail falsehoods they’ve been getting away with for decades, while most of Connecticut remained in the dark on this crippling abuse.

Made mobsters look like Mother Theresa. No one person or business, let alone a whole state, should be subjected to this bankrupting coercion of criminality. Never again.

All along procuring a “Not interested” in opportunities to obtain and piece together the key information in solving, the only unsolved Law Enforcement Officer murder in the history of Connecticut, Darien PD, Kenneth Bateman. These same political hacks, never even placed a speck of significance to a slain police officer, rather . . . considered their aggrandizing opinions, agenda foremost. Putting political motives and their self-salvation above all. This shows how deep 'n low, these CT state officials will go and the despicable extent of the screwing over of the fine people of Connecticut has no bottom in this swamp. All along always ill-informing residents as a condescending sideline. This political scandal makes all political scandals shrink in comparison. Move over Spitzer, Nixon, Weiner, Hunter Biden, Schneiderman.

But, don't jump the gun, hoodwink yourself into thinking this is some sorta, seen it before, corruption story, murder solving, surprise ending. It is and Its MOST DEF NOT ! It is overall a riotous romp that includes chapter upon chapters of a myriad of high times and high jinx with the “shakers and movers” in the V.I.P. world of corporate sponsorships, sporting events, charity fundraisers, celebrity and specialty promotions.

Kevin Kolenda walks you through, Chapters of Wild Happenstances and his Personal Involvement in Events, Contests, Promotions, Sponsors of that include:

ALL the Famous and the Infamous

Michael Jordan Grand Central Station Grand Opening - - President Donald J Trump Hole in One Scandal - - NFL/NY Jets/ Coca Cola - - Lance Armstrong Tailwind Sports Corp & Tour de France Doping Fraud - - NY WOR 9 News / Desert Storm Ticker Tape Parade - - John Gotti - - Lloyds of London - - Iceland State Television show - - Hawaiian Tropic Competition - - AP / Washington Post Investigation of CT AG Office - - Thee Doll House / Upscale Strip Club Boom - - Blackjack Card Counting Teams (M.I.T) - - LA Lakers and Laker Cheerleaders - - Playboy Golf - - UCLA Board of Regents - - Harley-Davidson - - ESPN Sports Radio - - Professional Bull Riders - - Dunkin Donuts/Reebok - - The Movie “Stolen Valor” featuring Lying Senator R. Blumenthal (D-CT) - - Spring Break Cancun - - the Cannonball Run Creation & Movie - - Club Med - - Sports Prognostication Services – The Professor Picks & Mike Warren - - Bahamas Tourism Board - - U.S.S. Intrepid - - Pinehurst Golf (CCA) - - Hawaii Golf (Kapalua GC) - - POW-MIA- Military Generals - - The Super Bowl - - High Stakes Poker - - Travelers Insurance Greater Hartford Open --

PEAK INTEREST in Kevin Kolenda made him The Highlighted Topic at the Attorney Generals of the U.S. Annual Conference - - Top Yahoo Search – A Featured Segment on a Current Affair

$$$$ HIS - - ONE - - & - - ONLYS $$$$ - - $$ Million Dollar Lawsuit Win vs. Fox News America, Inc. Rupert Murdoch - - $$ Million Dollar Golf Outings at Diamond Award Ranking Resorts - - $$ Million Dollar+ Bail Bond Insanity -- Highest requests in Legal History. for $75.00 Misdemeanor Jay Walkin Ticket level acts? - - PLUS -- Political $$ Insanity - - When the largest levied fine ever in Connecticut State History was $100 k against Microsoft for a Billion Dollar Software Monopoly Infringement. CT tries to issue a $6,000,000.00 fine against his company, at the time, a 2 person working out of a garage firm. " Because we can ” . . . “ Our state screwed up ” . . . “ We need the money ”

GO INSIDE Get Rock Star Access to and see it from a bright new triangle - - Judges Chambers - - What happens in Las Vegas - - New York City High Life - - Abuses of Political Might that makes ALL Political Scandals Shrink in Comparison - - Elite Private Club Golf to working class hero Myrtle Beach Golf - - Connecticut / Washington State Regulatory Corruption.

HEAR ON BEHALF of Kevin Kolenda. Quotes from Top Unimpeachable, Experts, Legal Minds, Investigative Officers from around the USA.

" the State of Connecticut is out of their Fucking Minds . . . I Don't ever want to see you or this case brought into my Courtroom ever again " - - Milford Connecticut Arbitration JUDGE - - pissed off berating Anthony Caporale, amatuer CT State Regulator - - the case never made it back to his chambers or courtroom.

“ this Golf Contest Case from Connecticut . . . is an embarrassment . . . if it’s on our books, I want this OFF our books Immediately " - - AG Office State of Montana 2013 - - case was contemplated on a Tuesday and disposed of on Thursday, same week.

“ in all my (30) years of being on the bench, I have never heard of anything of a case, like this before “ - - Snohomish County, WA Judge - - rolling her eyes ridiculously at the state for bringing forth a case like this. WHY? Because the crime does NOT Exist. State of Washington made up on the fly a criminal act and statute.

“ We know this is a Shakedown of Mr. Kolenda, we are just trying to get through it at this point “ - - CT States Attorney John Whalen - - whom was brought in after 3 years to clean up this legal mess case with BOTH Sides Democrat & Republican caught with their hands in the cookie jar, just prior to Washington Post & AP exposing CT AG Office for fabricating a mountain of legal cases against their own.

“ In JUST the final year of CT Attorney General Blumenthal (20 – years in office) term, there were 699 open litigation cases, that is 4+ for every city in Connecticut. How could this be possible? . . . It was and . . . the new AG closed over 500 because they Lacked Merit . . . in 513 cases Mr. Blumenthal litigated – were innocent as charged . . . MY GOD !! . . . what if we went back and reviewed the other 19 years ? “ - - Associated Press Interview and article 9-1-2011

“ We told Connecticut Regulatory people . . . that WE (the state of Connecticut) Should NOT Be involved in this ( golf contests regulations ) “ - - Karen Kiernan CT Insurance State Department Officer - - reported to the Hartford Courant.

“ I can see where Mr Kolenda should be the plaintiff , not the defendant . . . in this matter . . . anyone would dispute this“ - - CT Superior Court Judge M. Dennis - - whom was a golfer and presented with the fact that a ridiculous cheater case was attempting to be made by the state of CT, because Mr. Kolenda disputed 3 Hole in One claims by 1 Golfer over a 2 month period ALL Unwitnessed and Unverified.

“ Something smells about this case . . . I am going to help out Mr. Kolenda even though it is my job to not to . . . “ - - John Florivino Public Inspector CT States Attorney.

“ I presented my investigation of Golf Hole in One companies to my superiors . . . Kevin Kolenda and his Hole-in-WON.com had no improprieties . . . I don’t know where my lost or cover-up-ed report is today “ - - Dan Bader Retired Insurance Investigator State of Washington

“ Mr. Kolenda and Hole-in-WON runs a very serious active business . . . parallel to the Firemans Fund . . . we find that his business is proper, according to the statutes of our state . . “ - - Mark Franklin, Hearing Officer for the state of Connecticut

“ I agree . . . Something smells about this case(s) “ - - Gary Mecozzi Public Inspector CT States Attorney – former assistant in Dr. Henry Lee’s world-renowned forensic criminologist Connecticut office of Jon Benet Ramsey & OJ case Fame.

. . . CT Attorney General, Mr. Blumenthal’s suits against persons and companies were left unresolved after more than four years of litigation . . . in virtually all his prosecutions, Mr. Blumenthal sent out press releases to Connecticut media outlets . . . dutifully . . . printing the releases almost verbatim . . . as well as . . . stages of a long and tortuous litigation process . . . National outlets were also inundated with media releases that . . . were unnecessarily destructive to Mr. Blumenthal’s targets. Unfortunately . . . news outlets have (not) printed . . . follow up stories concerning the vindication of the victims of Mr. Blumenthal’s unnecessary prosecutions . . . " - - Don Pesci, Connecticut Various Newspaper columnist Political commentator

“ Why doesn’t someone in Connecticut reach out to me . . . I won a $10,000 trip to Ireland and I am a Connecticut Judge ! . . . Mr. Kolenda, his Hole-in-WON company took exceptional care of me and my guests . . . Connecticut Insurance regulators, investigators, not anyone, would bother to contact me ? . . . they were well aware of my existence and contrary views . . . still this makes zero legal sense “ - - Judge Sidney Elkin Hartford, CT.

“ . . . This is his FIRST case (Anthony Caporale CT Insurance Regulator) . . . with zero golf and sports knowledge? . . . he is an emulator of our Attorney General . . . a rogue on his own . . . if CT or any AG Office, Washington State Insurance, or anyone . . . wants to foolishly follow this man . . . that’s on them . . . I want nothing to do with falsely persecuting . . . a Connecticut person or company for the sake of publicity, notoriety or because we need money . . . this office is not in the . . . save my reputation, or gain attention, by frivolous legal action industry" - - Susan F Cogswell 1st Female Insurance Commissioner Connecticut

“ Fuck it . . . we are going after him anyway “ - - CT AG States Attorney Henchman, Enabler and Puppet John H. Malone - - after Office of the Chief State's Attorney CT Inspector Michael O'Connor Statewide Prosecution Bureau told him there is NO case here and with an assisting second CT state investigator confirming, there is Absolutely NO case here . . . PLUS . . . it’s the wrong / different company involved that you are referring, not Mr. Kolenda's firm.

“ Why would they throw me out of a public park . . . why do these people have no facebook accounts . . . as public servants . . . seems they sure . . . don’t want to show their face in public “ - - Private Investigator Wendy Kleinknecht - - of Maury Povich and TV Private Investigative fame after she was thrown off of Richter Connecticut State Park by the anonymous of course request of the Attorney General and Insurance Regulatory offices, while investigating and uncovering a multitude of false facts reported by the state AG and other officials to the courts.

“ Never in US History, has anyone lied or defrauded Voters like (D-CT) Senator Richard Blumenthal “ - - President Donald J. Trump

" I never claimed to be an angel, but if my true story gets out, I should be an Arch Angel to the state of Connecticut and hopefully other states . . . unless you let them crucify me first" - - Kevin Kolenda

“Many hardworking state employees have suffered by his AG Blumenthal’s attacks when they attempted to inform on the fraudulent behavior of their state agencies. The first step Mr. Blumenthal takes is to send out his army of assistant attorney generals to attempt to malign, frighten, manufacture evidence, threaten or better yet attempt to have individuals arrested knowing the information contained within an affidavit is false.” - - Ms. Priscilla Dickman, 27 years a senior microbiologist at the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) & Union Steward, forced to face a decade long crooked criminal case 70+ appearances after whistle-blowing on Hartford. In which officials in the office public integrity and ethics, inside the office of the chief attorney, were prepared to nolle the charges, from the onset.

"There is no possible case against you and no rationale for the lines Washington State insurance investigators crossed. They flew clear across the country, raided your home plus office, then left all the discovery and exculpatory evidence at the local P.D. for you to track down years later. Keystone, Corrupt, Both. Taking 5 hours of photos of your personal belongings at home was demented, well beyond the scope of professionalism and illegal. I reviewed your case, your company dealings in its entirety, ( Washington & Connecticut Insurance offices ) have zero knowledge of proper standards & practices of investigative procedures and what constitutes crossing the line." - - Michael J. Anderson Hole-in-WON Client for 10 years, retired 30 year Philadelphia PD Detective whom worked on bringing mobster Nicky Scarfa down and now a local Insurance Claims Investigator in Central Florida.

"Holy Fuck, this guy is legit, he has millions in payouts to winners over 25 years and practically $1 Million on the books here . . . and still our Dickhead AG is trying to make a National PR fraud case outta four thousand dollars where a couple of pathetic golf cheats from Stamford CT tried to swindle and now extort money from HIM . . . all the while hiding behind the cloak of our AG" - - what Connecticut State police told to Mr. Kolenda's Fairfield CT Accounting firm during a pre dawn raid on their office.

"This case is so simple tournament directors & contestants did not follow the rules of golf and the rules of contractual law therefore there is NO case here " - - what conclusion all attorneys came to when presented with these facts.

"I don't know what to tell ya Kevin, you keep doing the right thing, heeding my right advice, with the right representation, BY the BOOK . . . and they don't want to get it right . . . maybe you should consider BUY the BOOK . . . go public and write a novel . . . " - - Honorable Judge William Hickey, CT advisor to Kevin Kolenda.

This Book is a Crime buffs, Business buffs, Sports buffs, Inside-Information buffs, Injustice buffs, V.I.P access buffs, Survival buffs, Political Muck-Up buffs, “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” buffs, “Who Done It”, buffs, Celebrity buffs, Mark Twain meets Millennial, Tucker Max meets Herman Melville, Ayn Rand esque classic for everyone and everywhere, because THIS IS and I AM . . . THE REAL F'N DEAL.

HERE'S the COMMENCEMENT of CRIMINALITY, CORRUPTION & COLLUSION for CT. The year was 2008 The Economy tanked and I had on my desk a file of a few hundred un-executed Golf Hole-in-One Events where the sponsors and their money bowed out, due to budgetary concerns. Most golf outings sucked it up and paid themselves for a binding agreement, found other sponsor money or did not hold the contest. On the Top of this file was THIS beaut of a nu-bee event which was on a Monday September 15, 2008. Please keep in mind, In order to have any VALID Agreement, you would need to pay / submit valid funds PRIOR to a Sporting Event start. It's no different folks in my world then the Kentucky Derby or purchasing a lottery ticket. Can ya really go to a window three days later and FAX a check ? With knowing the results ? These Cheating CT Co-Conspirators had no less than a six (6) opportunities to go into their pocketbooks, pay, execute and do so, PRIOR TO, more than anyone in the files and for whatever reason decided against paying / using my services.  These grifters, then under legal advisement from the Connecticut AG's office were demanded to PAST POST a check, so that the AG's office could INITIATE & FABRICATE a Political Publicity Case, against me, Supply FAKE WITNESSES to protect their ringleader, whom was tanking in the polls, for inserting foot into mouth many times, lying about serving in the Vietnam war. From this point on, it took a whole lot more of Bumblefucking and BullShit like this, 20 years and counting to maintain my ridiculous case and trying to keep politicos in their powerful posts. That all commenced with this criminal act and the lies after, hopefully to be uncovered by the soon to be . . . Great Comeback State of Connecticut.

Heres that FIRST Shot out of that Smoked Gun.

NOTE Trying to make the 9 look like an 8 for August on check # 2. an AMATEURISH attempt at FRAUD. this check as well as most of my discovery was held onto by the state for 7 years, considering statute of limitations counter lawsuit, that finally a guilty conscious state employee walked the materials out a back door, handed over quickly and into to my lawyers car trunk, as I watched secretly from a distance like a Jack Ryan covert counter intelligence movie.

Also meet Non Politico Dirt Balls that not only crawled out from under a rock but leaped out to take advantage of the 1st Fake News story in Connecticut that people paused on plausible for.

a.) A between gigs broke Wilton CT Commodities Broker and former world ranked Tennis Pro that campaigned hard with his wife, to be hired as an intern, only to get caught on tape & by Local Police pilfering clients and documents daily thinking he would be able to start his own Hole-in-WON enterprise. b.) The High End New Canaan CT Realtor and his cohorts that duped agents in how to make quick bucks with illegal short sales especially when times are tough. c.) The # 2 Ranked state Politician that demanded / used the AG office to "double dip" and get money from me twice for an illegitimate Golf Contest, "Claiming it was "for his constituents", then used the $$ to support his bad Poker Gambling beats at Foxwoods causing an extension of 2+ years onto my case wasting taxpayer's time & dime. d.) the assistant AG whom was losing his reelection primary by a mere 1000 votes, seeing the false press I was gathering, pulled out and made a 3 year old Golf contest where the father even said his son cheated it, a criminal case, in order to get his name in the press and garner votes only to end up losing by a larger #. e.) a 40 cents on the dollar divorcee friend in need of a place, room renter in my 12 room penthouse, whom, while I was on the other coast defending myself, decided to take down all of my pictures, hide any remnants of me, claim the place his, in order to impress his elitist Westport girls friends real estate family for Christmas Eve dinner, then as I came home early before he could re redecorate, slithered out at 4 am Christmas morning with 3 months of back rent due. f.) The NY TV Producer that took 8 months to do a 3 Minute You Tube Video attempting to charge Hollywood Director, Production, Location Actor, Voice Over Costs and forgot that the color of grass in golf is green, not brown, g.) The Fairfield CT Real Estate Brothers that accepted office rental deposit funds, then when my story made the press, said they would rather not rent to a high profile person like myself, fair enough. But we are keepin all of your deposit money skulduggery slugs. h.) The Golf Simulator slug from Maryland that made a Hole in One on the Wrong Day - Wrong Course Wrong Hole - Wrong yardage and still thinks its a valid claim. PLUS i.) other real deplorables that sold their soul for any piece of a false limelight and some pocket change, embellishing, Bullshitting and flat out lying while using unsuspecting charity events, friends and family.

Soon to be a 700+ page all war and no peace thriller, expose book, script and many turn the pages with doing Bob Seger justice passages.

Lets end with this Gold Coast of Connecticut Statistical Nugget. Did you ALL know that ALL schemes scams con games from Pyramid Scams to Ponzi Schemes to Stock swindles to B Madoff frauds according to crime statistics data bases at the FBI to DOJ, all fall apart within 2.2 years. ( Madoff was found out in 2 years - the FCC did nothing remind you). These shady enterprises all get blown up, discovered, go away and dissolve consequently with the laws of the land, the laws of human nature or real law taking its course. Do you also know when the 20 year career Attorney General R "Elliott Mess" Blumenthal and his cronies initiated a case against me accusing me of being one? After 24.8 years in business! a Statistical Impossibility, kinda like getting hit by lightning 7 times in 7 days (has never happened) or maybe they will create one of those greatest criminal masterminds in a comic book based on the state of CT's twisted creation here, except there is nothing comical about the Shakespearean tragedy of how the demise of Connecticut came from within.

Created By
Kevin Kolenda


Kevin Kolenda NY News WOR 9 Desert Storm Ticker Tape Parade