8th Grade Peek of the Week September 23rd-27th

Teaching the most ELITE scholars in and out of the classroom is what WE do!!!

What's Happening at BCMS This Week?

  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Softball HOME (Hendrix Park) vs. Toombs @4:30!!!
  • Football AWAY vs. South Tattnall @5:00!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Softball AWAY vs. Toombs @4:30!!!
  • Cross Country AWAY vs. Savannah Country Day @4:00!!!
  • Corks Kettle Corn Fundraiser BEGINS!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Tennis HOME @4:00!!!
  • PBIS Scholars of the Month Celebration!!!
  • October 3rd GSU Field Trip Forms & Money DUE!!!
  • BCHS Football AWAY vs. Vidalia @7:30!!!
Come out and support OUR BCMS Redskin Scholar-Athletes!!!

What's Happening in 8th Grade This Week???

English Language Arts
  • Read 180 (Romberg/Durrence): In READ 180, scholars will take their second reading inventory to show evidence of Lexile growth. We are looking for growth of at least 10 points- but are hoping for much more! In small groups, scholars will work on academic vocabulary to increase personal “word banks.” In independent reading, scholars will read books on their Lexiles from the READ 180 library and complete reading logs. In APP, scholars will independently work on selected APP segments to close learning gaps and complete APP logs. Scholars should have completed a total of 2 segments, 2 novels, and 2 E-Reads by October 18th.
  • 8th Grade ELA (Hills): This week, scholars will review (Monday) and take their Unit 1 assessment (Tuesday). We will then take the pre-test for Unit 2 (Wednesday/Thursday) and begin our exploration of "Seeking the Big Picture." (Friday)
  • 9th Grade Literature & Composition (Hills/Romberg): Scholars will complete their analysis of The Odyssey. Scholars will learn about the anti-hero and write an argumentative essay. Scholars will also take a novel test on The Odyssey. Scholars were assigned projects three weeks ago. These projects are due on Tuesday, Oct. 1st. Remind scholars to check their Google Classroom for the translation website, assignments, and other helpful resources. We will give out progress reports on Tuesday, 9/24. Please have these signed and returned to their teacher by Thursday, 9/26.
Lauren Caldwell wrote a passionate letter to her Bahamian peers filled with compassion and hope following the recent destruction of the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.
Learning about Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment by trying to hit a softball with tennis balls. They missed a lot, but that was the point of the experiment.
  • 8th Grade Science (Herndon/Winkworth/Beasley, Joyner):
  • Students will develop an understanding of the differences between pure substances and mixtures. Pure Substances are all of one type of element or one type of compound such as pure gold, an elemental pure substance, and water, a compound pure substance, H2O. Pure Substances chemically combine and mixtures physically combine. Mixtures are a combination of two or more compounds or elements that can be broken down into the individual elements or compounds. There are two main types of mixtures. Homogenous mixtures appear to look like all of one type of thing like ice tea. Heterogeneous mixtures visually appear as at least two different types of materials.
Social Studies:
  • 8th Grade Georgia Studies (Sanchez/Styron/Beasley/Joyner): In Georgia Studies this week, we will continue studying the early days of the Georgia colony. We will discuss the important people who helped it succeed (such as James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove.) We will also learn about the cultural diversity of the new colony when learning about the Scottish Highlanders, the Salzburgers, and the Jewish settlers who joined the English colonists. We will finish out the week by examining how the colony changed when James Oglethorpe left and returned the colony to the king.
Georgia History ROCKS!!!
Growing scholars is what WE do!
Ms. Meeks keeps us going with her ELITE math-inspired shirts!!!
  • 8th Grade Math (Meeks/Carver/Beasley/ Durrence): Scholars will continue learning types of transformations. The unit test will be the first week of October.
  • Algebra 1 (Meeks): Scholars will be learning operations with radicals.
  • Meeks & Carver Tutorial: Wednesday 3:35-4:30
Let's Get Ready to Dress Up for Homecoming 2019!!!
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Our #BeBCMS 2019-2020 Class Schedule!!!

Our 8th Grade Tribe:

English Language Arts
  • Lexy Romberg (Read 180/9th Lit): lromberg@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Teresa Durrence (Read 180): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Quincy Hills (8th ELA/9th Lit): qhills@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Matthew Herndon (8th Science/Math Connections B): mherndon@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Marc Winkworth (8th Science/Creative Writing Connections B): mwinkworth@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Science): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th ESS Science): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us
Social Studies
  • Marie Sanchez (8th Georgia Studies): msanchez@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Christopher Styron (8th Georgia Studies): cstyron@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Georgia Studies): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th Grade ESS Georgia Studies): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • April Meeks (8th Math/Algebra 1): ameeks@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Miranda Carver (8th Math): mcarver@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Theresa Durrence (8th Math): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Math): sbesley@bryan.k12.ga.us

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