Archeology MeEting | Dig


Photos from the meeting.

Florida Public Archeology Network (FPAN)

  • What does FPAN do?
  • Promotes and facilitates the stewardship, public appreciation, and value of Florida's archeological heritage
  • Education - Understanding
  • Understanding - Appreciation
  • Appreciation - Preservation
  • Project Focus
  • Water Preserves- Big Bend, Seagrasses, and St. Martins Marsh
  • Florida Costal Office- 4 million acres and 41 aquatic preserves
  • Monitoring Process
  • Mapping
  • Background research
  • Fieldwork
  • Creating deliverables
  • Fieldwork
  • Verify location
  • Access conditions
  • Estimate threat
  • Next Steps
  • Immediate
  • Long term
  • Really long term


Photos of the dig.

The Artifacts and Soil Samples

Wall Mapping

Feature Forms

Record Level Forms


  • Mr.Davis
  • Dr.Butler
  • Professor Carl
  • Miss Anita
  • Miss Rita
  • Miss Rita's son
  • Hilary Cajuste
  • Sam Cantine
  • Siyona Cremeans
  • Josue Perez
  • Ashley Gamez
  • Gabrielle Garcia
  • Isaac Hernandez
  • Misty Maxwell

This dig was very exciting, because of all of the features we unearthed. It was something new that we had to learn how to deal with. Every time we head out to the site it seems like I come back with new knowledge. I am very greatful to be apart of archeology. No matter how many times I go to the cite there is alway more to learn about. I can't wait till we go out to there again!

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