Shakespeare By Jack Kelly P4 Campbell

Shakespeare's made a big impact on today's society.

His career

He wrote nearly 40 plays, which two of them are big narrative poems. Even though they were written nearly 400 years ago they are still some of the best today. He learned to be the best at in literature.

I firstly thought, how could he of memorized so many plays if he presented them so often. And then I thought that he wrote them down to memorize them.

How it inspired us

His words, his characters, and other things apart of his plays gave people inspiration and other many things. He introduced many other things to the language we use now.

I was wondering how he could create part of our language today.

His job

In his time, play writing wasn't a very contested job back then so many people didn't see the point.

Why did he do so good even if play writing wasn't a contested job.

Where he learned from

While he was middle class, people still know him today as the famous poet even though he wasn't praised just because he was an average person.

How did he become so famous if no one knew about him back then.

Where he lived

His house was located on a riverbank above the church, which included many things inside. Even though it burned in 1926 people funded money for a new theater in 1932.

I'm wondering how in burned down.

How we remember him

A Shakespeare center opened in 1964 to appreciate is works and how they were discovered and made.

How many pieces of his work survived over these years.

Who helped make him a memory in today's society

Peter Hall in 1961, assumed the artistic control of the theater, which was then renamed the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It established the Royal Shakespeare Company that year.

If he assumed the artistic control for the theater wouldn't it be less Shakespeare and more Peter Hall.

Where his Memorial Theatre is located

The RSC or "Royal Shakespeare Company" was established in 1961, but it feels like it goes all the way back to 1879. And in that year, the Shakespeare Memorial Threatre opened in Stratford.

Why does it feel like its in 1879,

Companies named after him

There's a company name Royal Shakespeare Company, it's a English theater organization dedicated to presenting the plays of Shakespeare and his plays of his time.

How did they get everyone to know all of the scripts if they play his old plays there.

How they plan to keep him alive

In 2007, the Royal Shakespeare Company announced to remodel its theaters in Stratford and build a new theater. This project was completed back in 2010.

How many theaters do they have.


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