Simple Tropical Food Hacks Tested by: Farhad Yazdani


If you want to make a popsicle, all you need is a drink of your choice, a zip lock bag and a hot knife and you can make it happen.

Rate: 8/10

When you cut the bag in half, it is quite difficult to make sure that the bag is perfectly sealed, and there may be holes you need to tape up. However, this was a very good and tasty treat and it was worth the effort.


If you're tired of cutting your banana up one slice at a time, you can try this convenient trick where the only supplies you'll need are a cooling rack and a plate.

Rate: 7/10

Although it is a very quick and easy method to chop up bananas, the mess that it leaves on the rack is annoying to clean. Overall, though, this hack is pretty helpful.


If you want to eat a mango with a spoon, all you have to do is put it in water for a few minutes then take it out, cut, twist and you're all set.

Rate: 4/10

Overall, this was a terrible hack as the mango didn't stay in the cup and was attached to the seed. However, the mango itself tasted good.