Here's Your Shreveport-Bossier Food Diary Treat Each Meal Like a Blank Plate, I Mean Page, In Your Diary

There are more fascinating, diverse, delicious things to eat and drink in Shreveport-Bossier than ever before. New restaurants, food trucks, craft breweries, pop-ups, and culinary events are providing new experiences for visitors and locals alike. #Eat318

Due to evolving state regulations and federal guidelines, it is recommended that visitors confirm details with restaurants and attractions prior to traveling.

Day 1: Dear Diary, Today I Ate...

…Overstuffed Beignets, at Ralph’s Place for Breakfast

Ralph’s Place is a Southern brunch joint that serves traditional and Cajun menu items including breakfast sandwiches, swamp grits, jambalaya, gumbo, beef tips and rice, and their iconic overstuffed beignets. You can order breakfast beignets with bacon, egg and cheese or apple and almond butter stuffed beignets, as well as traditional beignets.

…Stuffed Shrimp, at Orlandeaux’s Café for Lunch

Shreveport-style stuffed shrimp are a local delicacy that originated in the kitchen of the Freeman & Harris Café, a historic Black-owned restaurant that at the time of its closing, was one of the oldest in the U.S. These large, succulent shrimps are stuffed with fiery Creole dressing, deep-fried and served with a spicy tartar sauce. Try them at Orlandeaux’s Café!

…Oysters 318, at Frozen Pirogue for Dinner

Order a dozen Gulf-farmed shucked, chargrilled oysters from Frozen Pirogue with Great Raft Brewing’s 318 Golden Ale and parmesan cheese. 318 Golden Ale is brewed in Shreveport with Louisiana honey and orange peel, creating a light and refreshing ale that is exclusive to taste.

…Caddough Ice Cream, at Sweetport for Dessert

Sweetport is a local ice cream shop that serves traditional favorites and ice cream-stuffed sno-cones. The flavors are inspired by and named after local history and landmarks in Shreveport-Bossier. A local favorite is the Caddough, a cookie dough-flavored ice cream named after Caddo Parish, which is the Louisiana region it resides in.

…and I Washed it all Down with a Daywrecker from Flying Heart Brewing & Pub

The Daywrecker is a pilsner brewed with 10.1% ABV. This beer is brewed year-round at Flying Heart Brewing & Pub, which is located in Bossier City in their up-and-coming East Bank District. A pint of this beer is everything you need to settle in for the night. If you want to elevate your experience, add a drop of their seasonal shandy to the pint, and drink it in their beer garden when they have live music performances.

Day 2: Dear Diary, Today I Ate...

…Southern Maid Donuts for Breakfast

Once a donut empire that encompassed much of the South, Southern Maid Donuts shops have become harder to find in recent years. The 3505 Hearne Avenue location in Shreveport is one of the oldest locations remaining, and customers still line up every afternoon at 4 p.m. for these hot, delicious treats. The only product for which Elvis Presley ever recorded a jingle, Southern Maid Donuts are a beloved local tradition.

…Marinated Crab Claws, at Abby Singer’s Bistro for Lunch

This popular dish includes six ounces of marinated crab claws served on a bed of spring mix. They’re drenched in an herb-spice marinade and served cold. Abby Singer’s Bistro is attached to Louisiana’s only independent film theater, Robinson Film Center. You can bring back the old-school tradition of dinner and a movie.

…Duck on Scallion Pancakes, at Lucky Palace for Dinner

Located in the lobby of Bossier Extended Stay, Lucky Palace defies expectations at every turn. Louisiana food icon Chef John Besh is among the biggest fans of Lucky Palace, which offers one of the best wine programs in Louisiana as well as upscale, Chinese-inspired delicacies such as the delicious duck on scallion pancakes, Thai green curry prawns and Cantonese-style crispy T-bone steaks.

…The Chocolate Sack, at Windrush Grill for Dessert

Arguably Shreveport’s most decadent dessert, the chocolate sack is – you guessed it – a sack, made of artisanal chocolate and filled with layers of cinnamon ice cream, marshmallow cream, pound cake, toasted almonds, strawberry compote, whipped cream and graham cracker crumbles. Need we say more? This one is for sure a crowd-pleaser. Thanks, Windrush!

…and I washed it all down with a bourbon flight at Margaritaville Casino Resort at Riverview Restaurant & Brewhouse

Named for the floor-to-ceiling views of the Red River, Riverview is a concept unique to Shreveport-Bossier; great food and drinks, classic and modern bar games, and fun nightlife, all under one roof. Riverview has a warm and sophisticated urban aesthetic with a modern-day speakeasy feel. This happening place offers more than 30 single-malt scotches, local beer on-tap, a custom beverage menu featuring fusion cocktails for morning and night, an enviable selection of avant garde and classic wines, Southern favorites, tapas, sharing plates, gourmet pizza, soaring views of Shreveport’s downtown and the Red River, and an adults-only game room featuring billiards, darts, shuffleboard, Golden Tee, and more.

Day 3: Dear Diary, Today I Ate...

…a Warm, Fresh-Baked Cookie and a Hot Flash Drink, from Rhino Coffee

Rhino Coffee is an independent coffee house serving coffee, pastries, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their traditional roasts and seasonal mixes and creations give caffeine-lovers a year-round thrill. You’re sure to fall in love with their specialty hot flash coffee drink, it’s a blend of chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, sweet milk, and espresso. There’s an uptown and downtown location in Shreveport, both of which offer indoor and outdoor seating areas. Free Wi-Fi is available.

…a Classic Combo, at Southern Classic Chicken for Lunch

Southern Classic Chicken began in North Louisiana and for the past 35 years has been dedicated to efficiently serving the crunchiest, most flavorful, fried chicken that a drive-thru can offer. No corners are cut in sourcing the freshest products possible. Add a jalapeno pepper and strawberry soda to get the full Shreveport effect.

…bottomless mimosas, at Marilynn’s Place for Brunch

You can party from brunch to the break of dawn at Marilynn’s Place, especially when the drinks are ever flowing. This Cajun and Creole diner is located in Shreveport's historic Highland neighborhood, and their menu consists of popular Louisiana dishes, such as po’boys, shrimp and grits, red beans and rice, jambalaya, etouffee and more.

…Shreveport Hot Chicken, at Noble Savage Tavern for Dinner

The Shreveport Hot Chicken is a crispy fried chicken sandwich drenched in Cajun hot sauce and topped with pickles, and then placed between a brioche bun. Noble Savage Tavern is a multifaceted restaurant with a bar, farm-fresh menu, live music, and pool hall. This happening place offers more than 30 single-malt scotches as well as local beer on-tap. The menu changes regularly, but popular items include wild game specials, fresh seafood, pizzas, and sandwiches.

…and I washed it all down with a candy-dressed daiquiri from Alky Therapy

Alky Therapy is a drive-through daiquiri joint that serves festive, ornately decorated frozen cocktails. Many drinks are topped with candy, fresh fruit, or chocolate-covered fruit. Each month, the "daiquiri of the month" is a limited-time-only offering with a special theme. Popular drinks include the Shark Attack, Candy Crush and Bob Marley. Drinks are 18 ounces, and many are available in nonalcoholic versions.

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