My Monster. DESIGN JOURNAL, Cilla

Project Outline:

This semester, our task is to define what we think a monster is and use our knowledge to design a monster using animatronics and make it come to life. We have to use 3 functions It also has to be designed for use in a particular genre of film. Our other task is to create a 'Digital design journal' to document and reflect on constructing the monster.

Definition of a Monster

My definition of a monster is a creature that is not only terrifying and ugly but is also supernatuaral. Such as 6 legs, a head that can rotate and can walk. I think a monster doesn't necessarily need to look scary but does scary things like for example, haunts people, kills people or maybe does creepy things out of the ordinary.

Mind Map:


My definition of a monster video:


Visualising my monster: the visual look of my monster scares me due to the dolls head which I find very creepy and also the dark, black eyes that also represents the word 'monster'.

My Monster.

Personality and film genre: My monster's personality will be creepy and scary, which will fit into its genre: horror My monster will also be very scary and evil.

Apperance: My monster will have a dolls head that will spin around and have dark, black eyes, it will also have a lot of legs that will have the ability to walk. And, it'll be able to talk in a deep, evil voice. There will be blood running down its face as it shows that my monsters scary.

Movement and functions: My monster will have the ability to rotate its head, talk and walk. I want my monster to be able to do these movements because it fits my genre of film and also shows that my monster is scary.

Reasoning: My reasoning for this design because I believe it is possible to create and it is what I think a monster should do and look like.

Questions about my monster video:

Case study

This case study will show the issues that I came across whilst designing my definition and visual design of my monster and its characteristics. I came across many problems whilst designing my monster which made me think and consider my ideas better and discover some strategies to overcome these problems. But, I overcome these problems which is why my monster design should win the Warno Brothers production film inspiration.

The major problems that started to occur to me was how I'm supposed to make it, and how I will I have the strength and ability to make my monster come to life. At the time, I didn't have any solutions or answers to look into the issues to see where I've gone wrong. Another problem was how I will have the ability to make my functions work. These are: talking, walking, and spinning its head.

To conclude, my monster design is presice and accurate after learning from the few problems that did occur and did make me reflect on what I've learnt.

Ideation log

The strategies that helped me to work out what my monster design needs was creating a mind map. This helped as I put down all my thoughts and ideas and put it all together. Another strategie I discovered that helped and worked well for me was plotting down points and going back to them when needed.


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