The boy who cried wolf By:Diana martinez

CHARACTERS: The boy, The villagers, & the wolf

Setting; In a village

This folktale is about a boy who had to take care of his master's sheep. As time passed, the boy started getting bored and since his master had told him to call for help when a wolf attacked the sheeps, he decided to joke around with the villagers and cry "wolf". As soon as he cried "wolf", the villagers would run down to help him but as soon as they got there, they saw the boy laughing at them.

The boy did it again, and again. Until one day, a wolf actually attacked the sheep so, the boy ran in terror towards the village yelling "Wolf! Wolf!" But this time the villagers didn't want to get fooled again so they ignored him and kept doing their things.

The symbol for this is that the boy's actions could cause him problems in the future.

The meaning and significance is that you should always tell the truth because if you lie, it'll cause people not to believe in you anymore.

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