Things Fall Apart Ibo village beliefs on children

One of the first Ibo belief's regarding children was that if a women were to have twins, both of the babies would be left in the woods to die, it was believed that both of the children were evil.

In chapter 6, an Ibo belief that a certain tree helps women get women pregnant. "Spirits of good children lived in that tree waiting to be born. On ordinary days young women who desired children came to sit under its shade."

In chapter 9, the words iyi-uwa and ogbanje are introduced, the word iyi-uwa is "a special kind of stone which forms the link between an ogbanje and the spirit world. Only if the iyi-uwa were discovered and destroyed would the child not die."

Okonkwos daughter Ezinma must find her special stone to make herself better in chapter 9. The whole village follows her and watches her stone be unburied.

What I believe will happen when the white men come to the Ibo village in Nigeria is they will make many changes regarding the children. I think they will take the children away, thinking that they're helping the children. The white men will educate the children, bring some to slavery and keep some as their own.

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