Diamond Supply Co. by adrian reyes, Robert santos, Andres benitez

S. Diamond supply Co. strengths are they have many different products, they have Diamond Footwork, Diamond Hardware, Diamond Griptape, And Diamond clothes, They also have a good skate team

W. They do not have good advertisements, Diamond Co. is not really main stream. Its only Street wear, its not all fancy. Only certain type people buy it only hipsters wear Diamond Supply Co.

O. Diamond is Sold all over the world. And it's sponsers Professional Skateboarders to promote the brand. Diamond Supply Co. has a lot of partnerships with other companies like "Puma" "Pirimitive" "Grizzly Griptape". Even Celebrities wear Diamond Supply.

T. There are a lot of different companies try to beat out Diamond Supply Co. Mostly other Skate Companies, like "Volcom" "Vans" "Nike SB" and "Vans", all those skate companies also have good skate teams so it's hard to compete with other companies.

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