TRU Clear Vision for the LVCC Cox Technology Partnership

Vegas in your pocket

Your virtual booth

Customers are communities

Experience visualization, for Las Vegas Convention Center expansion.

Conventional Wisdom

Your personal conference

Mobile will immerse you into your conference.

Enjoy easy way finding through your conference: with virtual guides, maps, floor plans featuring company logo, personal videos, and interactive marketing.

Integrated event scheduling through a personalized app with profiles, messaging, and videos, including all trending social media hubs.

Event reservation for every convention interest. Live chat is available for any event, presentation, or subject. Comment and discuss what appeals to you.

Announce and coordinate meetups, projects, discussions, events, and after parties via app.

Facilitate guided tours of any venue in real time using a mobile device with enhanced AR and remote VR features.

Save business cards, speech recognition notes, create contacts, organize and share in app.

Accessible media summary, vlog, archive, and exclusive information in app for any missed presentations.

Vegas in your pocket

We recreate reality... let's make it nice to be there.

Dealing Show & Shows

Collaborations make deals happen. Inspire, motivate and involve with the power of mobile marketing.

Immersive marketing

Make every event visual in advance.

Create opportunities for Exhibitors.

Provide a memorable experience that has lasting value

Generate more and more valuable leads

Understand what works and does not work about their presence

Increase ROI through growing your business social networks.

Create your virtual booth

Enjoy work and play on your phone

Personalize your business in Vegas

What happens in Vegas...

Creates opportunity.

Social media is where people chat after each event. We embrace that.

My Conference, My Casino Fun

Engage each vendor and attendee.

Get the most out of Vegas with Mobile

Let the computer in your pocket do the heavy lifting.

Stay in touch

Make your deals as big as your vision.

Innovation invitation.

Be seen as a leader in helping LV move forward in the digital age

Integrate with Fremont Experience

Increase their ROI from the business while offering substantially better services (e.g., Wi-Fi bandwidth, video screens, video services, web services, etc)


Imagine the Possibilities with Flexible Acoustics

Control & Monitor every meeting room, digital sign, WiFi, DAS location and the Fremont Street Experience.

Increase 2x to 3x cellular and WiFi performance.


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