Hail The Apocalypse By Avatar

Hail The Apocalypse

2014 | Metal

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“There's a storm heading our way. -- All that's been will be gone. -- All your cities will sink into the ocean. -- You run away like cattle but you cannot flee the battle. -- Wipe your ass, it's time to put on your war paint."


  • Hail the Apocalypse is their first album to chart on the Billboard 200 where it hit #97.
  • Avatar is a heavy metal band, formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2001.
  • Hail the Apocalypse was recorded in Thailand.


Luke Tatum

The great Judge Andrew Napolitano once said at an event I attended: "Some of us may end up in prison or worse for our beliefs." This is a rough paraphrase, but it was a chilling moment during an otherwise upbeat event. This gives me a similar feeling. The ending is what hits me here: "All the lords I've sworn to obey; I take it back." We're all in that boat, if we're libertarians. I meant, haven't we all pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America? Aren't we also opposing the dictates of that very entity? That ain't no allegiance in my book, and we're the better for it.

Sherry Voluntary

I don't know if I'm interpreting this song correctly, but "Time to die/Hammer high/Name your price/And kneel," gives me illusions of a knight giving his allegiance to a king for some form of pay. These days they call it military service, and they have more easily digested ways of getting you join up. You know "Join the Navy, see the world" "Be all you can be in the Army," or you can be " One of the few, the proud, the Marines." Sickening! They sell these young people a vacation or a self-help program, and turn them into the harbingers of death and destruction around the world. Those slogans make it soung like a nice vacation, or a way for you to reach your full potential. What they don't tell you about is the countless horrors you may have to endure, and the travesties you may have to commit. The sickness you may have to endure, the ghost of a person that you may come back as. They don't tell you how many of your fellow soldiers kill themselves every day because they can't live with what they've done, and how pointless it all was. They don't show you the respectful way they might dump those bodies in a landfill when the VA fails to give them competent care. No, you get that be all you can be bullshit and you sign your life away. No adventure, no amount of college, no training, no brotherhood is worth your soul. That cost is just too high.

Nicky P

Where does your principle stand? It seems almost inevitable that a time will come where it is put to the test. You will stare down the barrel at certain death or life as a slave.An apocalypse of one sort is needed. The hope is that whatever new world is formed after the cataclysm will not rely on violence like it does now. Apocalypse is always the result of a world defined on punishment & vengeance.

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Nicky P