Three Basic Questions By: Guadalupe Meza

WHAT to Produce

Before starting any sourt of production it is necessary to think about what is the best thing to produce for you according to your economy, surroundings, etc... Whether it is clothing, food, housing or products such as for military use. It is important to take in consideration the limited resources that will be used and for what specific group it will aim for, since it has been proven in society that it is impossible to have everything its people demand.

HOW to Produce

Another question that as a producer you should as yourself would be if you want to use mass production methods that require more equipment that actual workers or more workers than equipment use? It would be favorable to have more workers if an area has many unemployed people. and it would be more beneficial to use mas production methods in countries that machinery and equipment are more available and can often lower the production cost. Lower production cost makes the item less expensive and more available to the people to buy.

FOR WHOM to Produce

After it has been decided WHAT and HOW to produce the product the next step would be to allocate the product to "someone". The product should be made for certain group of people for example for kids, teenagers, or adults. Another example would be if decided to produce housing, for whom is the housing for? Is it directed to the workers, professional people, or government employees. These are a couple of question that you should ask yourself when deciding to produce a product or something.

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