Universal Paradise An experience you won't forget


A man without purpose is a man without life.


Our mission is to teach our citizens right from wrong, so they can know how to choose right when they are afraid they will make the wrong decision.


Our flag.

Citizen Rules|

1|- Everyone must have an education.

2|- Violence must be treated in a court of justice with respect.

3|- Electronics are provided within the job requirements of the job a citizen chooses.

4|- Responsibility is greatly valued.

5|- Currency is used for buying, trading, & loaning only.

6|- Gambling is forbidden.

7|- When a citizen is past the age of 20, they must choose a job or a job will be provided for them.

8|- You are free as long as you stay within these rules!


We are located on a big island off of the coast of California, America.

Daily Schedule|

7.00 AM - Wake up / Breakfast

8.00 AM - Work until 3.45 PM.

3.45 PM - Freedom until 11.00 PM

11.00 PM - National Curfew

Government is Republic by the People.

Appeal- We need to fight back on how we react; we will teach you how to be able to change the world.


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