Environmental Health and Safety Annual Report 2019-2020

Welcome to EH&S’ FY20 annual report. What started out as another busy year of providing environmental management, health, and safety services to our campus community ended with our world as we knew it turned upside-down. This annual report reflects that through it all, EH&S staff continued to provide essential support, though often in new ways and in different capacities. We are proud of the efforts that our staff put forth to ensure those essential campus services were provided in a healthful and safe manner.

And a quick word about our staff…

Behind the montage of friendly faces is a group of technically trained, educated and credentialed professionals with over 600 years of collective experience. 97% of EH&S staff have at least a bachelor’s degree, 40% masters degrees and 14% have PhDs. Further, over 50% have professional certifications in disciplines including biological safety, hazardous materials management, emergency management, industrial hygiene, general safety, laser safety, and training and communications. It takes a lot to support the varied functions across ISU, and EH&S staff are always prepared to provide that support.