The Ninth Amendment Eileen Baraket

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

The ninth amendment basically states that any rights that aren't specified in the Bill of Rights are allowed and belong to the people and no one can take them away from the people.

Ninth Amendment, the court system is limited by a guide that is led by common sense. Since some things are not specifically explained in the Bill Of Rights some things are up to the court to decide what is and what isn't covered. In general the amendments is counted as a limit of power to keep the government in balance and for it not to have too much power when choosing the rights of their subjects.

Since there is so many disagreements even when its among the leaders in the court system, there has never been a judicial decision made on the basis of an amendment itself, An amendment has simply been referred to in certain cases.

Based on the founders of the Constitution, including James Madison, the right to have privacy is just one of the examples of the rights that have not been listed in the Bill of Rights. There is still a lot of arguments regarding whether or not the right truly exists.

In 1920's the Supreme Court has made the right to privacy as a part of the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment.

The rights of privacy also includes child rearing, marriage, and the right to accept or deny medical treatments offered.

Roe .v. Wade (Texas 1970)

Jane Roe was an unmarried women who was pregnant with a child in 1970 in Texas. One of Texas's laws said that women are not to abort a child unless ; the medical advice was given by the doctor saying that having this child is a risk to the health of the women who's holding a baby. And the doctor told Jane that if she had this child it would risk to her health and she refused to do so and protested against that.

In the end the case was taken to court and Jane Roe won. And the court decided that a women should decide what to do with their bodies and life and that it' s protected under the Ninth Amendment that a women's body is her own decision and her privacy.

These cops have no respect for people's privacy. They are breaking the Ninth Amendment and they're supposed to have a search warrant and evidence from the court.
The Right to get married. People are allowed to get married and its covered under the Ninth Amendment
There is nothing in the amendments or the law that says that a turtle cannot have a right to trail so it can.

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