Jason Glover

Created by: Harley Clark

Mr. Jason Glover is the principal at the Mount Vernon High School


Mr. Glover has been married to his beautiful wife, Meaghan, for 6 whole years. Way to go Mr. Glover!

Mr. Glover has 2 little boys. Hudson (who is now 3) and Nolan (who is now 5). Aren't they adorable!

Why did you become a principal?

This is what Jason Glover said when asked why he became a principal.

"Working with kids and students has always been a part of my work since graduation. Coaching and teaching was a natural transition from some of my previous work experiences. Being able to have a part in a students life as they transition from a high school student to a productive, positive member of our community and workforce is rewarding."

We asked Mr. Glover what meal he would eat if he could only eat one for the rest of his life. This is what he said.

"Easy, Chicken and Dressing made by my Mom."


What could you give a 40 minute presentation on without any preparation?

"90’s country music or the history of Arkansas Razorback football."

If you haven't figured it out yet, his favorite football team is the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Claim to fame

I'm SOOOOO jealous about Mr. Glovers claim to fame. HE MET AND TALKED TO MR. T AND GOT TO WEAR HIS GOLD CHAINS.

If the kids you see every day could only learn one thing from you what would you want it to be?

"Everyone is valuable and has something of substance and importance to contribute to this world. We all have to find our place and the path that we are destined for. This can look very different for each person but no one person is more important than the other."

We thank you Mr. Glover for everything you do for our school!


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