The Rise of TikTok By Eliza Noell

For the past two years, the social media platform TikTok has undoubtedly surged through the ranks, earning it the title of the fourth most popular app downloaded in the U.S. in 2019 according to Apple’s website. Not only that, but TikTok also recently surpassed Facebook and Instagram with over a billion downloads from Google Play and the App Store. There’s no questioning the insane amounts of popularity that has surrounded the app. But what exactly has fueled this buzz? Is the platform more of a positive or negative addition to our daily lives?

The style of TikTok has started changing social media formats. Similar to Musical.ly, TikTok is designed where a user can film, edit, and publish short videos with ease, unlike YouTube or even Instagram. This recent design in quick video processing has certainly influenced how many people are now able to easily produce videos, making it much easier for more people to earn the title of a "creator".

For the actual app itself, it’s near impossible to find someone who doesn’t know the name TikTok due to its massive popularity. Likewise, many have developed their opinions, including freshman Isabella Raman, who’s been on the app for around 6 months.

“It’s fun,” Raman said, “…[there’s] a lot of negativity…some of the comments are not very nice, it’s kind of like Instagram with the comments, sometimes bad. But it’s funny stuff…I just think it’s fun to be on and just like any other social media app.”

Senior Catelyne Krings also uses the app, and stated:

"It's addictive and hard to not go on...I think, in moderation, it could be [a positive thing]. It was just fun to do stuff with your friends...It's kind of interesting; you can see different people's interpretations of things."

However, TikTok, despite having a 13+ rating, will still manage to attract younger audiences. According to MediaKix, about two-thirds of those who use TikTok are under the age of 30, a majority of them minors. Raman elaborated on this,

“There are so many kids who are like ten who should not be on it,” Raman said.

Despite whether you love or hate TikTok, there’s no denying it’s massive spike in popularity and role in today’s pop culture, as well as its new take on quickly published videos and editing techniques. We’ll have to see what the future holds for new social platforms and ideas that could, one day, also be the next big thing.


Created with images by Kon Karampelas - "iPhone displaying the tik Tok app" • Jon Tyson - "untitled image" • Rodion Kutsaev - "untitled image"