Guide to Conquer Summer 2021 All photos by Julia leitner '23

After a year full of uncertainty and missed opportunities due to the pandemic, many students have been looking forward to the summer to make up for lost time. As vaccines roll out, and COVID restrictions get lifted, the summer of 2021 is expected to be an unforgettable one. Here is how to create amazing memories after such a difficult time period.

Cliff jumping is one of the most unique adventures that can be accomplished so easily this summer. Devil's Glen in Weston, CT, provides safe areas for people to jump into the water, from various different heights. This exhilarating activity is perfect for facing fears this summer, and is one more thing to cross off of your bucket list. This allows for people to enjoy the great outdoors with their friends.
Cooking and baking is another activity that can be easily achieved from each person's kitchen counter. Whether it be cookies, or pizza, making food for families and friends in the summer is something that can create a delicious treat, and enjoying a pastime. Specifically, different foods can be made for summer holidays to increase festivities. For example, the watermelon cake on the left, made for the 4th of July.
Biking is one of the most fun ways to get exercise while being outside in the fresh air. Whether it be biking to a destination with friends, or just biking around the neighborhood, it remains one of the best activities for a nice summer day.
Watching the sunset at Compo Beach is one of the main highlights of summers in Westport. Bringing dinner to the beach and picnicking with friends while watching the sun set are the most beautiful and fun ways to spend a summer evening.
A way to be more creative this summer is by revamping a room or place in your house, and transforming it into a cool hangout spot. Making this place your own allows you to feel accomplished, and having a place to spend your summer days is perfect when you are feeling bored.