TRiO Newsletter Wallace Community College-December 2016

TRiO Participants on Fall Semester President's List

Denise Baggett

Daryl Carr

J'Taiya Carr

Caroline Fowler

Russell Jamadar

Lydia Smith

TRiO Participants on Fall Semester Dean's List

Marquis Barber

Ishma Blackmon

Chelsea Corbitt

Carla Finney

Jazmine Forte

Toni Hunter

Winzera Jones

Emily Laseter

Jazmine Molland

Sheyanne Money

Destiny Moore

Amy Myers

Jonathan Ritchie

Melissa Sawyer

Katie Smith

Brittany Summers

Gazette Thompson III

J'Andrea Williams

Danyele Wright

TRiO Offers Life Skills Workshops

College Survival

On Wednesday, September 21st, approximately ten participants attended a “College Survival” workshop. Ms. Kristina Mays, presenter, focused on an array of tips and strategies to improve study habits and techniques. Students learned that time management and prioritizing are major facets of successfully passing courses. Topics discussed were note taking, choosing when and where to study, and academic preparation.

Brittany Paige commented, “I will study 2 hours a day. While studying, I will not watch TV, lie down, or use my phone.” The workshop discussed setting attainable goals. “Avoiding procrastination and organizing dates in a planner will help me prepare for tests and class times,” said Diamond Flemming. Since the workshop, students have dedicated more time in our department utilizing the computer lab, individual and group tutoring, and just studying.

Money Management

Participants preparing a budget.

Ms. Tameka Owolabi presented a “Money Management” workshop to sixteen TRiO participants on Monday, September 26th. “As college students, it is very important to budget,” said Breanna McCray. The workshop focused on managing any source of income by allowing that income to be used wisely and/or saved. Other topics discussed were credit card debt, bank accounts, and couponing. Participants also completed a budget spreadsheet and were given a handout on money management.

Conquering the Comma

Ms. Christi Wood, writing lab tutor, presented “Conquering the Comma” which focused on comma placement and usage. She explained that understanding comma placement and usage is critical when writing essays and research papers. Jarien Williams commented, “I learned that commas are important and can be used when listing items in a series, introducing words and phrases, or interruptions.” The workshop was held Wednesday, October 15th.

Resumé Writing

Participants working on resumés.

Ms. Jennifer Grant presented the workshop which included job and college resumé details. “I learned that a resumé is a professional summary of your background and qualifications,” said Abria Warren. The workshop discussed ways that resumés are used, such as seeking employment and applying for college and scholarships. It was emphasized how important it is to document volunteer service, clubs and organizations, job related information, and other things that will exhibit your individual ability and competence.

ALEKS Math Panel Discussion

On Monday, October 10th, approximately twenty participants attended the ALEKS Math Panel Discussion to hear a panel of individuals speak on their experiences in ALEKS math courses. The panel consisted of three students, Josh Haskins (math lab tutor), Shanesia Rumph (SSS ALEKS math tutor), Jarien Williams (ALEKS student), and Math Lab Director, Laura Bridges. All speakers encouraged students to press on in their studies. They each elaborated on study tips and techniques to utilize while enrolled in ALEKS courses. “Do not procrastinate. Go ahead and test even when you are ahead of schedule,” said Josh. Jarien is diligently working toward earning the tuition waiver for MTH 100. His steady progression will allow him to accomplish just that. Ms. Bridges raised spirits by reassuring those in attendance that the course is a gateway to global involvement. She said, “It is a bigger picture than just math.”

Panel (l-r): Josh Haskins, Shanesia Rumph, and Jarien Williams

Terri Ricks, TRiO Student Support Services Coordinator, commented, “The effort you put into the class determines what you will get out of it.”

After the discussion, participants were inspired to focus on time management to ensure their progress in ALEKS as well as in other classes. They plan to use a student planner presented to them by TRiO Student Support Services.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Information

Wallace Community College Scholarships. Wallace Community College (WCC) offers scholarships in four areas: academic, career technical, performing arts, and health sciences. A student may apply for more than one scholarship. A separate completed scholarship application packet must be submitted for each scholarship for which a student applies; however, only one WCC application for admission is required per student. Deadline to apply is 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 to be eligible for financial aid beginning in August 2017. Applications received late or incomplete will not be considered. Materials should be mailed or hand delivered in a complete package to one of the following addresses/locations:

Wallace Community College

Admissions Office

Enrollment Services

1141 Wallace Drive

Dothan, AL 36303-0943


Wallace Community College

Student Services Office

3235 South Eufaula Avenue

P.O. Drawer 580

Eufaula, AL 36072-0580

For more information and copies of the application packet, go to:

Financial Aid

Current Scholarships

TRiO on the Wallace Community College Sparks and Dothan Campuses is made up of three programs: Student Support Services, Upward Bound and Talent Search.

They are federally funded programs by the U. S. Department of Education that provide support and opportunity for eligible students-middle school through college. To reach any person on this list, call 983-3521 or 687-3543 and then the extension below:

Student Support Services

Mickey Baker…………..…………. Ext. 4244

Terri Ricks ………....……….…… Ext. 4272

Jane French ………………….…... Ext. 4249

Kathy Lawhorn ………………..... Ext. 2367

Jertavia Lyman….……………….. Ext. 2620

Lisa Peterson ……………………. Ext. 4271

Lauren Herndon …………………. Ext. 2368

Shamyera Goldsmith …………… Ext. 2432

Upward Bound

Brittany Jones……………………. Ext. 4256

Kristina Mays…………………….. Ext. 4204

Mary Pearl Morris………………. Ext. 4255

Talent Search

Tameka Owolabi..…………….. Ext. 4280

Laurie Greene…………………… Ext. 4281

Dorothy Hawkins……………….. Ext. 4226

“Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.” Joyce Meyer

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