Queen Victoria Bethany Woolman, 3rd

Queen Victoria was fairly young when she assumed the responsibilities of queen, and relied mainly on the guidance of others.

She wasn't always popular with her people, and constantly faced bad press. Her subjects also viewed her as larger than life, often forgetting the human underneath it all.

During her reign, she passed many laws to help her people, she improved infrastructure, but did little initially to increase women's rights. She also waged many successful wars, expanding her country's power and influence significantly.

Queen Victoria, though she became a ruler very young, was a monarch that implemented many beneficial changes. She slowly became an icon during her reign, and is now a symbol of the era that she gave her name to.

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Bethany Woolman


Created with images by irinaraquel - "John Partridge - Queen Victoria" • David Holt London - "London March 3 2014 017 National Portrait Gallery (7) Queen Victoria" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Queen Victoria" • BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives - "Queen Victoria / La reine Victoria" • Kathleen Tyler Conklin - "Statue of Queen Victoria"

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