Florida Museum of Natural History The Good life nature activity

Nature on Display

This Carcharodon megalodon fossil caught my eye. Since I was young, I've had an interest in learning about sharks. I remember learning about the megalodon years ago, but this fossil showed me just how big they really were; no pictures could ever do its size justice. There were multiple other kinds of sharks that I remembered, and I enjoyed comparing their sizes.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Pictured above is me with a giant ground sloth skeleton. After seeing how big sloths are today, it was incredible to see what they used to look like. It made me think about how far not only sloths and other animals have come, but how far humans have. It gave me a better understanding of how long this world has existed, and what it was like before humans came along.

Nature and Ethics

In the Calusa Fishing exhibit, it shows the Native Americans of the Calusa village building and cooking. Calusa fishing depended on many materials from the land, such as deer bone, palm fiber, wood, and vines. When fish would die, making them no longer edible, they would trail them near the canoe to attract sharks to be caught. They always respected the environment by not using more resources than needed and never let anything go to waste, which is what people today need to do to keep the earth healthy. They demonstrated strong ethics towards maintaining healthy environment.

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