The Founding of America as a Christian Nation Presented by Michael Spinks

Historical Document 1: D-day Prayer- On June 6, 1944 President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a special announcement from the White House about the turning point of WWII. He made a announcement for everyone to join him it his special prayer for all the brave Allies fighting in this. He said that they are fighting to free a suffering humanity, to liberate us . They will be sore tired from fighting day and night until victory has been won. Many will die and if so, God will embrace these heroic servants in heaven.
Historical Document 2: Benjamin Rush's Personal Bible Study- Founding Father Benjamin Rush had a personal booklet containing scripture and it was labeled References to "Texts of Scripture Related to Each Other Upon Particular Subjects." In this booklet he listed multiple scriptures related to Christian knowledge and truths. Some of scriptures were dedicated to such virtues like: Atonement, Universal Salvation, Affection of Religion on Family Prosperity, and Kindness to Strangers.
Historical Document 3: Dwight D. Eisenhower's Inaugural Prayer- When our 34th president Eisenhower was inaugurated he lead his speech with an insightful prayer before the address. The prayer asked God to help Dwight and his associates in the branch to make full and complete their dedication to the to the people. They asked for discernment from right from wrong ,which is the same request from Solomon. Lastly they ask God to help them work with people of all kinds to achieve one goal the good and glory of God
Historical Sermon 1: Christian Love- Charles Chauncey who was a Boston minister taught about the the verse of Acts 4:32. He explains that that verse should be in all of man since it talks about how all the believers of God shouldn't be only related in body and mind but have all things in common.
Historical Sermon 2: Church and Country- This sermon is preached by bishop William Stevens Perry about a church's duty to it's people. He stated that the church isn't only for feeding the people of God wisdom but to find God's wayward lambs in this world. He said that if the country will is awakened the partisanship will disappear and men will prosper as preordained.
Historical Sermon 3: The voice of warning to Christians- John Mitchell Mason preached a certaint sermon to influence the awareness of Christians. He said that the bad people are repulsed by good ethics or virtuous behavior and try to counteract it. The good ones are easily strayed and must keep their guards up for one's own honest reasons can be lead with evil intentions from others.
Historical Writings 1: Age of Revelation- Elias Boudinot was known not as a man who served his country but who served his religious convictions. After he became the first president of the American Bible Society he wrote this writing to stop the country from becoming Christianity's enemy. Not only did he write about what he believed but acted on it by helping the less fortunate.
Historical Writing 2: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death- The famous quote given by Patrick Henry talks about how the nature of man is two-sided. He says the man can see one truths in two lights and find opposition. Man is apt to close their eyes to pain and indulge in hope. While people chose to live in a false peace with chains of slavery he says to let God guide him to "Give Him Liberty or Give Him Death."
Historical Writing 3: Bibical View of War- John Jay provides a light on such a dark topic of life, the purpose of war. He says that war is morally unlawful and thus exists to destroy. Only through God can such bloodshed is behind good institutions and instead of killing to kill it is a just spirit of retaliation.
Thank You listening. God Bless America!


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