Knight Vs. Samurai They are more similar then you think

Although The Two Warrior Classes come from different reigons of the world they have quite a few similarities between them. Some similarities i can include would be; they're weapons, training, and honor codes.

Weapons & Armor

Despite having different fighting styles, both knight and samurai have a sword as a weapon at their disposal. The two warrior both wear Armour however the knights Armour is heavier leaving them less agile.


The training for people wanting to become a knight or samurai are very similar. Both start at childhood and begin doing tasks. young Japanese boys going to a samurai school, and young European boys becoming a page. Both did physical training and studied how to fight, and learned the conduct of their line of work. Both of them were very disciplined

Honor Codes

Both warriors had some sort of honor code that disciplined them. The knights had "The Code Of Chivalry", it was a code of conduct for the knights which included being kind to women and poorer people. The samurai had "The Bushido Code" (The Way Of The Warrior). It was a strict ethical code influenced by Confucianism that stressed loyalty to ones master, respect to superiors, and ethical behavior in all aspects of life. Both are very similar

Social Order

Both the knight and samurai were fourth on they're feudal pyramids. Thery both owed loyalty and military service to lord for land. Both had some sort of respect and responsibilities with their positions.

Differences To Note

Though these warriors have many similarities, they also have differences. Some of which being that the way of the knight began in Medieval Europe and the way of the Samurai began in japan. Another difference would be that the "traditional knight" came by the rule of Charlemagne in 776 C.E, while the first samurai emerged in the early 10th century.

Fun Facts

  • Estimated 12,000 Knights In Englandand Normandy France in 12th century
  • Samurai made up 10% of japans population. Samurai shaved parts of the top of their head because it reduced heat under helmets
  • Knights recieved land as payment but some knights didn't recieve anything

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