Patient Safety through medical simulation

The South Texas VA Simulation Center recently brought out their toolbox of patient safety...medical simulation equipment. The equipment keeps medical skills sharp, building competencies and confidence, and that leads to the best patient outcomes possible.

More than 140 staff members and patients came through the displays and tried their hands at several procedures and live-saving techniques. The flexibility of the simulator also enables the center staff to provide training to non-healthcare providers.

South Texas VA Simulation Program Manager Debra Bartoshevich explains some of the equipment to a Navy corpsman. South Texas VA partners with the DOD and trains many Navy Corpsmen and other military health care providers at the hospital.
"Simulation is an excellent educational tool that allows learners to practice their critical thinking skills in a safe manner"

- Debra Bartoshevich, Simulation Center Director

"Patients" are at the ready, waiting for the next provider.

Medical Simulation enables the VA to create exacting medical emergency conditions to maximize realism and training effectiveness.

The medical simulator at South Texas is just another innovative commitment by the VA to ensure patient safety is the number one priority. In fact, patient safety was a category that a study conducted by the RAND Corporation found the VA had consistently outperformed its civilian counterparts.

The center opened in September of 2016. In that short period, Bartoshevich and Education Service have developed 17 different simulation activities. Roughly 225 staff take advantage of the center every month.

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