Allowance Survey By: Camron Renee Keith

asking the questions

Hello, my name is Camron. I researched allowance. I was interested in this topic because I wanted to see how much money Monroe Jr. High 7th Grade students get. I asked the question ''Do you get allowance?'' To answer my research question I asked 10 people. The sample group was made up of 7 boys and 3 girls. I picked this group because it was a variety of many different individuals so I could get more accurate information. I avoided sample bias by asking multiple different people.


I was expecting to see that more people get allowance then not. I did not find what I was exactly expecting. I was surprised to find only 20% of the people get allowance, 80% of the students want allowance but do not get it, and 50% do not save their money. My survey though did reach its purpose. This is because the answers I revived were opposite of what I was expecting but I still got a lot of useful interesting information. Anyone in a population can answer my questions and it would still be very informational.

Other Thoughts

As a next step I would do another survey on the same topic which is money. I would change the questions though for the next survey. I would also change the age/grade group. Maybe the answers would be totally different, who knows? I would like to try and do that in the near future though.


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