Billy Sunday Lauren Trayah

Billy Sunday was a family man this is his father and grandmother

Billy Sunday was a family man he wanted to play baseball because his family didn't have the money when he was younger his family struggled to keep food in the house and pay for many things. Billy wanted to take that away so they had no worries. Billy did just that and he did that by doing what he loved playing baseball and supporting his family and making a difference in his family's life and his. Billy Sunday was a role model to many kids that had money and didn't have money he showed them that you can still do what you love with out having money and be good at it. Billy came home when he was off to see his family when he could because without family he couldn't make it to where he was without his family beside him supporting him through everything. Billy was a inspiration to many people to keep going and doing what you love and not forgetting what where you came from and leaving the people behind that pushed you to do better in life. Billy never forgot those people he just kept on going with or without the support. Billy never gave up because something went wrong billy never quit because something or someone pushed him down he got up and kept going.

"There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing" - Billy Sunday

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