A creative partnership between the Pamboukas Family and Educators and Artists at the University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida, USA.

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University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL USA
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The Pamboukas Family (Rachel, Niko, Christo and Zachary)

Creators, Concept Artists and Writers of the Bionic Kid comic series

Our Team

I'm Matt Dombrowski, Associate Professor of Emerging Media at UCF and Art Director at Non-Profit Limbitless Solutions Inc.

On The Bionic Kid comic I serve as Art Director, background/cleanup illustrator and public relations/advocacy.


The Bionic Kid Artists

Victor Davila, Lead Illustrator/Layout

Assistant Professor of Emerging Media (@vicdavila)

Bionic Kid Issue #1 Lead Student Artist

SVAD Experimental Animation Alum Kirkland Macy (kirk-land.artstation.com)

Bionic Kid Issue #2 Lead Student Artist

SVAD Graphic Design Alum Daniel Schutt (@d_schutt_art)

The Bionic Kid Issue #1: Bionic Beginnings

Issue one is a story about a young boy with limb difference named Zachary. Zachary enters the 8-Bit World Championship Finals video game competition and encounters bully Norman. Through a seemingly freak accident both boys are given superpowers, Zachary becomes the heroic Bionic Kid and Norman the villain Aquarius. The Bionic Kid's confronts themes such as how to positively communicate toward the topic of disability and non-violent forms of coping skills toward bullies.

Center Pinup Page of Issue #1
Bionic Kid and "Norman" Cosplay MegaCon 2019 (Above) Pamboukas family and Smallville Superman actor Tom Welling at Megacon 2019 (right)
Our MegaCon 2019 Panel on Empowerment, Accessibility and Comics
Zachary and Christo Signing Copies of the Bionic Kid issue #1 (above) Zachary giving an interview on how comics can empower (left)

Bionic Kid Issue #2 Preview

Created By
Matt Dombrowski


University of Central Florida and Limbitless Solutions.