GOtcha PickAchu! Draw a cute Pickachu

Thee final result



You go to a shop and see art but you Want something related to Pokémon,when you find something related to Pokémon it is to dull and you don't like it. Don't waist money on that stuf because you can make a bright and radiant cute Pickachu with things you probably have at home. It's as easy as drinking water!




Felt tip brush pen / Colours



Step 1

Firstly draw a oval shape head

Tip ! You should make the bottom of the oval flat, It would look nicer later when you have to add the body

Step 2

Secondly draw the eyes as above if you can't make a circle you can use trace a marker cap

Step three

Thirdly draw the doglike nose and big round cheeks

Step 4

Then draw the big leaflike ears

Tip ! Make one a bit droopy

Step 5

Step 5

Then draw the body, small legs, and plumb arms

Then draw the poke ball by making a circle with a belt

Step 6

Colour it in!

Suggestion! Colour the poke ball different colours


When you show your Friend this Mystical Pickachu art work he/she will be surprised. Your Friend will surely ask you where you got it from when you tell that you made it your Friend will be even more shocked. When you pass on this how to to someone I am sure you will feel good about it.

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