March 2017

In the last quarter of 2016 we started ministry work in Hong Kong Polytechnic University or simply called PolyU. The university is located at the heart of the city and is home to about 32,000 students. It is 192nd in the World University Rankings and 17th in the Asia University Rankings as of 2017.

The university is considered to be public grounds so it means that anyone can just go inside the campus, no guards, no gates, no resistance. However, what we found out immediately as we started engaging the students, is the irony that though the campus premises is open and accommodating, the hearts of the students are closed and, to some extent, hostile to any kind of spirituality or religion that has "rules" to be followed.

So far, the best way to engage the students, at least to start a conversation with them, was using the app-based survey called The God Test. Ten simple questions for either the religious or non-religious. This way we can approach students with ease and confidence and get to start a conversation with them.

With the help of Short-term Mission teams from the Philippines, and a few volunteers from Every Nation Hong Kong church, who on top of their day jobs go to campus to reach out students, we approached close to about 150 students to do the survey. Some just took the survey for the sake of taking it, some were interested but most were skeptical. Of all the students who took the God Test survey we have constant communication with about 10 students. A small number but a good one considering the challenges of doing ministry in this fast-paced city.

Left to Right: Ten Days Mission Team, PolyU Campus Volunteers, Lady volunteers reaching out

One student I'm reaching out to is Danny who I met while conducting the God Test survey in the campus. He is a 1st year Biology student with a big heart to make a difference in the education system in Hong Kong. I've been consistently meeting Danny for 5 months now. Slowly injecting biblical principles and the gospel story in our conversations. He usually zones out when talking about God and religion directly. So I back off and try another angle. What is amazing for me is that Danny keeps showing up! Week after week he's ok to meet. I long for the day when he would be open to talk about receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.

With Danny (middle) & Herbert (PolyU Campus Volunteer)
We are so excited to share with you the great thing that God has started in this university. The opportunity to change a life is enormous! Together we can win Hong Kong PolyU for Jesus one student at a time. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers. Hong Kong needs your prayers! You are a vital part of what God is doing in the lives of PolyU students, 32,000 of them!
Enjoying the short winter this year with our bundle of joy, Nami Grace.



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