December 10 - 14, 2018 THIS WEEK IN OUR SCHOOLS

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Featured this week:

  • FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY: Mrs. Reed's 3rd Grade Class.
  • FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY: Third Grade Field Trip.
  • GRANT ELEMENTARY: Mrs. Brewer's Begindergarten Class.
  • GRANT ELEMENTARY: Student Craft Fair.
  • GRANT ELEMENTARY: Library Sticker Mosaic.
  • GRANT ELEMENTARY: Leadership Lab: Tour of Italy.
  • GRANT ELEMENTARY: Leadership Lab: Cursive Writing.
  • JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY: Mrs. Noel's 4th Grade Class.
  • JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY: Holiday Attire Day.
  • MADISON ELEMENTARY: Mrs. Poppe's 4th Grade Class.
  • MCKINLEY ELEMENTARY: Mrs. Phelp's Yoga Students.
  • MULBERRY ELEMENTARY: Mrs. Evan's Preschool Class.
  • MULBERRY ELEMENTARY: First Grader's Holiday Program.
  • CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: 6th Grade Avengers Superheroes of the Week.
  • CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: Robotics I and II Classes.
  • CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: Flight and Space 6th Grade Class.
  • CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: Magic of Electrons 7th Grade Class.
  • CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: CMS Science Bowl Students.
  • CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: Mrs. Schlwin's Interest Group.
  • WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Muskies of the Month for November!
  • WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Design Based Learning Students.
  • WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: West's Muskie Locker.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Work Experience Trainee of the Week.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Horticulture Students.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Ms. Pautz's AP Chemistry Class.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Culinary Academy Students.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Mr. Truitt's Social Skills Cooking Class.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Mr. Gehret's ALC Credit Recovery Classes.
  • MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL: Muskie Time Yoga Class.


CMS and WMS Rock Orchestras

Last Friday, over 70 students from CMS & WMS Rock Orchestras performed at the Holiday Stroll!


Colorado Elementary had a Holiday Shop at school today! Every student in the school was able to shop our Holiday Shop for presents for others!

Students also held a Wrapping Center to get their presents ready for the giving season!


Franklin's Student Leadership Team gave back to the community this week by ringing the bells for the Salvation Army.


Mrs. Reed's 3rd grade students practiced snowflake and peppermint deep breathing exercises in their counseling centers.


Franklin third graders visited the Muscatine Art Center this week.


Mrs. Brewer’s begindergarten class is working hard during literacy stations!


Grant hosted their annual Student Craft Fair last Friday. Students synergized with their families and friends to make and sell homemade crafts! With the money raised (over $2700!) students will work together to decide how to use the money to benefit our school!


Grant leaders are readers! On November 12th we started our sticker mosaic in the library. Every time students checked out books, they added stickers to the picture. They also were guessing what picture it would make. There were almost 4000 stickers! Less than a month later our picture was done!


Grant’s Leadership Lab: Tour of Italy visited Sal Vitale’s today to learn more about Italy and Pizza! They enjoyed making their own pizza and getting a tour! Special thanks for Sal Vitale’s for having us!


Grant 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in Mrs. Paul’s Cursive Writing Leadership Lab had fun writing cursive in shaving cream!


Mrs. Noel's 4th grade class has been writing kind words to classmates and teachers and giving the letters anonymously. A kind gesture to brighten one's day!


Jefferson staff and students dressed in holiday attire or 'ugly sweaters' on Wednesday. Lots of festive outfits and holiday cheer!


Mrs. Poppe's 5th graders completed their animal research with a presentation of learning. Way to go!


Third, fourth and fifth grade students at Madison Elementary participated in the STEM Christmas Cup Challenge. Students worked in groups of three or four to build a Christmas tree tower out of plastic cups. Sounds easy, right? Students thought so too until they found out that they couldn't touch the cups with any part of their body! Students collaborated to create designs using only one rubber band and some string to pick up and stack the cups into towers. It was frustrating at times but students persevered and ultimately experienced success.

You can try this fun challenge at home with just six plastic cups, a rubber band, some string, and a lot of ingenuity and patience!


McKinley Elementary students took a short break from their studies to strike their favorite pose in Mrs. Phelp's yoga class.


Mrs. Evan's preschool class at Mulberry sang songs and made edible Christmas trees with family members during their annual holiday program!


First grade students at Mulberry Elementary celebrated with their holiday program this week. Mrs. Ales accompanied them as they sang Christmas carols and families engaged in different crafts together.


Congratulations to this week's CMS 6th Grade Avengers Superheroes of the Week!


Robotics I students in Mr. Edkin's class built and raced drag racers. The photo below shows the fastest drag racer this semester. It traveled 20 feet in 2.1 seconds!


Robotics II students built and coded a car to simulate a trip from their house to the movie theater. They had to stop at their friend's house before the movie and return to their house after the show. They all struggled, but everyone experienced a certain level of success, with many completing most of the course.


7th graders in Mr. Bartell's Flight and Space class are airplanes that student made.


In Mr. Bartell's the Magic of Electrons class, 7th grade students made replicas of the Morse Code,


The CMS Science Bowl students participated in enrichment activities to learn about sound waves. They selected music, calculated how long pipes would need to be to create the necessary notes, cut the pipes, and performed Christmas music with their teams.


During Mrs. Schlawin's interest group, students used Rubik's cubes to create a picture.


Congratulations to West's Muskies of the Month for November! Each student was nominated by their teachers for their outstanding behavior. The school put on a pizza lunch for the students, their parents, and their teachers to celebrate all the good things they do each day at West.

6th graders: Elsie Lewis, Tristan Reidel, Ey’Nessa Apantenco, Taylor Kokemuller. Colin Millage
8th Graders: Nathan Sharar. Taya Melendez, Austin Foor, Gracelynn Lopez, Sergio Becerra
7th Graders: Bryce Jennings, Nicole Bovenkamp, Anna Bode, Noah Zobel, Gabriela Carmona-Linares


West Middle School Design Based Learning students made blankets for the homeless shelter.

West Middle School 6th and 8th grade Design Based Learning students prepared a Holiday Feast for administration, custodians, and 8th graders invited a favorite teacher. 65 people were fed turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, rolls and desserts. Thank you to Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Haltmeyer, Mrs. O'Donnell, and Mr. Nienhaus for your help and support.


Lee Insurance and Tru Acre Technology Food donated food and clothing to the West Muskie Locker. Thank you for your support for our students in need!


This week's MHS Work Experience Program trainee is junior Gilberto Gobarruvias (R). Gilberto told us he wanted to make a lot of dough, so what better place is there to do that than the HyVee Bakery! Pictured with Gilberto is Bakery Manager, Jake Hardman (L). Jake is an MHS graduate who has been working at the Muscatine Hy-Vee stores for thirteen years.

We would like to thank Jake and his bakery staff located at the Hy-Vee 2400 2nd Avenue store for letting Gilberto train with them this Fall. We would also like to thank Phil Schliesman and the other managers at Hy-Vee 2400 2nd Avenue and Hy-Vee Mainstreet 510 E 6th Street who have been providing great training opportunities for our students for many years.


Horticulture students were busy this week making centerpieces as part of their fundraising activity.


Students in Ms. Pautz's AP chemistry class experimented with dry ice (investigating its triple point).


The culinary academy students and instructors were treated to a special dinner at DaBeet’s Bistro last week. They had a great time and tried new things with every course!


MHS Key Club Members have had a busy December. Students have volunteered with: The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign, Muscatine Parks & Rec Candy Cane Hunt and Elves Workshop, the Wesley United Methodist Church, and the Kiwanis Kids Christmas Party. As well as selling Santa Grams at MHS to raise money for Muscatine PD's Shop with a Cop program and selecting two children from the Salvation Army Angel Tree to purchase gifts for. Below are photos of Key Clubbers shopping at Walmart for those gifts and wrapping them. By the end of next week, MHS Key Club will have completed over 300 service hours in one semester!


Mr. Truitt's social skills/cooking class at MHS has students learn how to cook nutritious meals.


As part of student council's Happiness Week, staff were allowed to bring their pets to school. Pictured here are students in Mr. Gehret's ALC class enjoying Charlie Bear-The Dark Overlord, or Charlie for short. As you can see, Charlie provided lots of happiness to those around him!


Muskie Time yoga class participants had a special visitor today as part of student council's Happiness Week - Miss Cleo!





Grant Elementary Staff sharpened their saws and spent some quality time together during a “Favorite Things” gift exchange!

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures for this week's edition of This Week in Our Schools!

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