Coach V's Cottage Project By CIARA

For this project we had to design a cottage. What we did to design our cottages was first, drawing blueprints to get an idea of what we want our house to look like. We put in some measurements and lengths. We drew, side view, birds eye view, and front view. (Below are the blueprints I drew.) My dimensions of the house were 9 by 11.

Top/Birds Eye View
Front View

After finishing the blueprints and all, I made a 3D version of the cottage on TinkerCad. When I used TinkerCad, I made windows,doors, walls etc etc. Then after, I created the final roof with the pyramid option button and made it to scale.

Birds eye view
Top w/ roof
Side (the spaces are windows)
Other Side

For the property there's also a catch, the cost. For the project we needed to calculate the surface area of the walls, area of the roof, and the total volume in order to find each cost of each thing needed to pay for (heating, shingles,painting).

Overall, for the costs, Coach V, will have to pay, 450 euros of heating, and for three months it would cost 1,215 euros. For painting, he would spend 60 euros to cover 98 meters squared, which would be three cans to buy. Finally, Coach V would have to pay 270 euros, for three bundles of shingles for the roof. Although slightly expensive, it all goes into something great, fun times, priceless memories and definitely amazing days...

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