This is what we are made of By: Madeline Dickey

The new choir teacher, who arrived in January, has done her first show with the JH students.

Featured in photo: 8th grader Gracie Collins

They performed many songs including; Try by: Colbie Caillat, The Climb by: Miley Cyrus, All American Girl by: Carrie Underwood, plus many more.

Featured in photo: 7th grader Amanda Bowles

They've worked very hard the last couple of months. The students have given their all at every practice. They designed both the backdrop used for the show and the shirts they wore for the show.

featured in photo: 8th grader Tara Robbins

The students decided to go with a neon theme. They wore glow sticks around their wrists and necks, they spray painted their shirts with neon paints, and some even painted their nails with neon colored polish.

The show was definitely a success. The students were very happy with the way everything turned out.

They're next performance is in May at Kentucky Kingdom. They hope to see many supporters there.

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