Massacre at Wounded Knee The reasons behind the massacre at wounded knee

On December 15, 1890, when Indian police attempted to arrest Sitting Bull, who was mistakenly believed to be joining the Ghost Dancers, the famous Sioux Chief was killed.

The Ghost Dance: A ritual performed by Native Americans. It was a dance that put them in a trancelike state. It was done as part of their religion, but the main purpose was to communicate with friends and family who have died.

After the Americans had surrounded the Native Americans, a medicine man began to perform the Ghost dance and told the Americans to leave.

Chief Big Foot led approximately 350 Sioux to meet up with Chief Red Cloud at Wounded Knee Creek. General Nelson Miles led a group of 5,000 American soldiers to meet up with them. General Miles proceeded to arrest Chief Big Foot and the Sioux.

As they were being arrested a shot was fired (it is unknown who fired it). After that the American soldiers open fired on the Native Americans. Chief Big Foot, who was too sick to even stand, was killed. 350 Sioux were killed. Also 25 American soldiers were killed.


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