Figure Skating By: sadie

You walk on the ice then "freeze" you forgot to take your skate guards of. You try and take them off, but your too late. You fall over and everyone laughs at you. I'm here to teach you tips and tricks so that doesn't happen.


In skating you need the right equipment, you need skates (obviously). When you buy new skates you buy the blade, ( the sharp thing on the bottom ) and the boot ( where you put your foot in) separately. Or you could go to a used equipment store like "play it again sports". You should wear tight clothes so they don't get in your way. Your clothes should be comfortable to move in. In a show or competition, you need a skating costume a girls dress will be very short. They come in many styles, and colors.

There are also, skate guards. Guards are hard plastic that go over your blade so you don't ruin your skates. When you are wearing guards put them in the same place and check if they are there before you go on the ice, then you won't fall (like I did... Many times). There are also, soft guards. You can't walk in soft guards but they will protect your skates when your not in them. Guards come in all different colors and patterns (mine are pink and purple striped). You'll also need skating tights. Skating tights are very think but look thin. they come in white, ballet pink, and suntan.

You need to put your skates in something, zuca bags are perfect. Zuca bags are designed to fit your skates and equipment. Zuca bags are usually about $250. My Zuca bag has a black frame and blue triangles on the cover. Zuca bags are like a suitcase they also have light up wheels.

zuca bag
This girl is not in a basic skills competitions

Moves and Basic Skills

There are many types of moves in skating. You will start out with basic skills that means badges 1-6 then you move to pre-freestyle. in basic 1-2 you will learn how to skate forward, backward, and one foot forward. In basic 3 you will learn one foot spins,one foot backward and 3 turns. In basic 6 you will learn my favorite move a spiral. A spiral is when you lift your leg up and bend down so your head is up and your legs are straight. In basic 6 you will also learn bunny hops, shoot the duck, and flamingo spin. After basic 6 you'll go to pre-freestyle. then to freestyle 1-6. You will earn badges in all of the basics and freestyles.

Shows and Competitions

If you want to show of your skills, you may want to do a show or competition. The basic skills competition costs about $130. You can wear a skating dress, and wear makeup and do your hair. In the basic skills competition you won't skate to music. Judges will ask you to do a move and judge you on how you did it.When I did a basic skills competition I was in basic 4. In the shows they give you a costume and choreograph a program. In shows you will skate with music.

My makeup for the competition was very pretty. I wore light pink eye shadow, pink lipstick and sparkly highlighter (the makeup not the marker). I put my hair in a french braid, and painted my nails pink.

Pink lipstick
My Skating dress looked just like this just pink!


Skating can be a great sport or just a good skill to have. I hope this passage inspired you to skate.


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