Bailey DeVore MCOM 2400 Projects

Throughout the course of the MCOM 2400 class I created and maintained the blog positivelybailey. The purpose of my blog was to tell stories of how I can see the positive side in any situation. Starting a blog is something that I have always wanted to do, so I hope to continue maintaining this project.

The next project I will share is my podcast. This podcast followed the topic of my blog and gave advice on how to stay positive during a busy week of school and/or life. I mainly focused on the week before spring break for college students, and how to get everything ready before you go on a break.

The next project I would like to showcase is the video story I did on Trinity Arts Center. This video was made, using photoshop and iMovie, in order to show the importance of the arts and the impact it has on the community. It also promoted to building fund for Trinity Arts Center to build a new performing arts school and theater in the tri-cities area.

This next project was a magazine layout made using Adobe InDesign. We took information about ETSU's "Made In East Tennessee" film festival from the RTVF program, and made a two page spread covering the event.

Our final project was a video series that we were to create, film, and edit in groups. My group made a drama/comedy series called "The Wedding Gang." This series was about four college friends who get together years after graduation to celebrate one member's wedding! In the editing process we became very familiar with the use of Adobe Premier Pro.

In the class MCOM 2400 I became familiar with Audacity, Wordpress, Adobe InDesgin, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, and iMovie. I fell in love with Wordpress and Adobe InDesign! Those were the two programs I felt the strongest in, and could see myself using a lot in the future. Writing and creating with words is one of my strengths. Video editing and audio editing are definitely some my weaknesses. I think it will take more practice using Audacity and Premier in order for me to start really enjoying it. I really enjoyed having MCOM 2400 this semester as it was a great introduction in to the world of media and communications!


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