City Manager's Report May 7, 2021

Arbor Day

The City of Brea Public Works Department held their annual Arbor Day event this year at the Brea Community Center on April 22. With assistance from the Community Services Department, who helped organize the event, a 24” box Arbutis “Strawberry Tree” was planted next to Randolph Avenue and a presentation was given to a group of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders from the Community Center’s After School Program. The students were shown the proper procedure to plant trees as well as their benefits to the environment. They were also given Arbor Day memorabilia to take home with them. This annual event helps qualify the City of Brea to remain a member of “Tree City USA” through the National Arbor Day Foundation. This event is always a rewarding experience for the Public Works Department as well as the community.

Compost Giveaway Was a Success

The City of Brea and Republic Services co-sponsored a successful compost giveaway on Saturday, May 1 at the Brea Community Center. Residents brought their own containers and received up to 60 gallons per household of free compost. Approximately 120 vehicles lined up in the parking lot to participate in the giveaway event. Approximately 20 tons of compost material was distributed. Residents exited the parking lot with smiles on their faces and giving thumbs-up signs as they drove away, while others verbally expressed from their car windows their thanks to the staff and Republic Services for holding this event.

A big thank you to all the City departments who assisted with various aspects of this event, including, but not limited to, Public Works, Community Services, Police, Management Services, and others. Many other cities have not held compost events in 2020 or 2021 because of the additional resources and efforts required to organize a City-led event. However, Brea’s Recycling Coordinator, along with Republic Services staff, led the charge in coordinating with the City team to make it happen for Brea’s residents. The event was a win-win for all involved.

Security Cameras Installed at the City Service Center

The installation of the Security Cameras, Project 7967, was completed earlier this year in February. Thirteen Fixed Box cameras, two Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras, were replaced at the City Service Center. This project provides enhanced security measures to better protect City assets.

Recent Promotions in the Brea Police Department

The Brea Police Department recently promoted several of its officers. The continued growth of the department is a testament to the development of leaders who are committed to serving the community.

Detective Sergeant Tony Barbosa and Detective Sergeant Chris Haddad will be promoted to Lieutenants. Detective Sergeant Barbosa oversees Crimes Persons and is a 24-year veteran of the Brea Police Department. Detective Sergeant Haddad manages Property Crimes and is an 18-year veteran of the Brea Police Department.

Detective Richard Wildman and Officer Eric Frank will be promoted to Sergeants. Detective Wildman has been with the Brea Police Department for five years. Prior to joining Brea in 2016, he was a Sheriff with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for three and a half years. Officer Frank has been with the Brea Police Department for 17 years.

Construction Commences on the 2021 Slurry Seal Project

The 2021 Slurry Seal Project is expected to start construction on Tuesday, May 11, and be completed by Friday, May 21, weather permitting. The scope involves the crack sealing and slurry sealing of approximately 600,000 square feet of pavement on streets east of Brea Boulevard and north of Imperial Highway, as shown on the map above. Flower Street will be completed at a later date to not interfere with school traffic.

City staff handed out Construction Notifications to residents within the project area two weeks prior to the slurry seal start date. Notifications from the contractor, Doug Martin Contracting, will be posted three days prior to the work starting. Message boards will be in place on Birch Street to notify the public.