The Rise of Amazon and E Commerce By Dustin Sauder

Amazon's Creation

Jeffrey P. Bezos left his job as vice president of a Wall Street firm in 1994. He learned that the Web growth was projected to be 2300 percent, so he decided to start an online store which sold books. He named it Amazon.

He sold books because they were cheap, and there are millions of book titles.

The Rise of Amazon

Amazon became very popular. People were buying books from Amazon in all 50 states and multiple countries around the world. It became one of the most successful online bookstores in the world. Bezos decide to add more products. Amazon started having a much larger variety of items for sale.

E commerce started to become popular, and it was profitable.

The Rise of E Commerce

Amazon was and still is in the top 5 e commerce websites. Bezos helped start a large rise in e commerce by creating Amazon. Companies found it profitable to start online stores, and online stores made it easier for customers because they could buy things in their homes.



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