Think Green Environment and sustainability

Planet Earth is sending us an SOS.

What problems are affecting our planet?

Do this listening activity about climate change. You need to fill the gaps in the summary provided by the teacher. (mock test)

how can we be more environmentally friendly? Can you write down a few tips?

what's the meaning of: Ecotourism Organic Food

Being Carbon Neutral Fair Trade

You are going to read a text about one of the headings above. Underline vocabulary that is interesting and that you didn't know. Say it out loud after reading the text to check its meaning in class.

Tell other people in the class about the topic you have read about trying to use some of the words you have shouted out before and that have been written on the board.

Can you describe this photo? Is it a familiar image?

Is garbage becoming an increasing problem in our planet?

What small actions can we do to save our world and protect our environment?

Can you make a list of five things you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet?

I know you take objects to the recycling points and place them in the different coloured banks: green for glass, blue for paper and cardboard and yellow for plastic items... but, why throwing things away when you could reuse them?

Here's a challenge for you! Get in groups of three and try to think how to reuse all these household items you were going to throw out. Try to find at least one use for all of them.



Created with images by EKM-Mittelsachsen - "garbage plastic cups recycling" • Hans - "garbage pollution waste" • Pezibear - "wood stickies note entry" • queenbeeofbeverlyhills - "197216cm-1" • Devanath - "glass containers glass empty" • ognjen.odobasic - "Greeting cards" • NS Newsflash - "Newspapers B&W (5)" • londonista_londonist - "Plastic Bag" • scottfeldstein - "DSC_0009" • bijutoha - "shampoo shampoo bottle isolated bottle" • 1lenore - "Parts Tray-1" • Steve Snodgrass - "Reduce Reuse Recycle"

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