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My Family is my community and we value tradition.

Tradition to my family is portrayed my various events that take place each year. These traditions were traditions that my great grandparents started.

My grandparents passed down traditions to my parents that my parents are now passing down to my brother and I.

Grandma Lola and Grandpa Bill, my moms parents.
Grandma Bun, my das mom.

The Tradition Of Christmas

We have two big Christmas traditions. One is each year my mom and dad let us open one gift before Christmas, and that gift every year is a new ornament that goes on the Christmas tree. They are not just any ornaments though, they are usually ornaments that connect with us in different ways. This is a picture of the ornament I received last year, it is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, my favorite Disney movie.

The second Christmas tradition takes place on Christmas Eve. We all get into our pajamas and set down and watch three of our favorite Christmas movies. The three movies we watch are How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, and A Christmas Story. We do this every year, its a tradition my parents took away from there own parents.

After we finish watching all three movies we go to bed and wait for Christmas morning to slowly come.


Our first vacation we ever took as a family was to Disney World . We have ever sense started the new tradition of making sure to go on a family vacation or get away at least once a year.

Vacations are important, because they help us bond as a family and make many memories that will last forever in our hearts.

Disney World Spring Break 2010
Alabama Spring Break 2015

The Joy Of Having Two Athletes In The Family

The tradition of sports is growing up with two parents who both played sports through there school years, who pushed my brother and I to be the athletes we are today.

Nate has always been the baseball player, and I have always been the track star. They both take place in the spring meaning sometimes our parents have to split up, one goes to ones game the other to a track meet.

Our parents do an amazing job at managing there work schedules, being full time parents, and full time supporters. We don't give them enough credit, but they never miss any of our sporting events and for that we are grateful.

The Most Important Tradition of all...

The most important tradition, is the tradition of love that fills our family.

The one thing that has carried on through my longest relatives is the love we all share for each other. Love is made up of many different characteristics, but he love we share for each other is like no other.

A family is a family know matter how big or small, but the love we share is the biggest thing of all.

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