Party Life Hacks By: Truong Phan

Planning for parties can feel frustrating and annoying, however, with these three life hacks, jumpstarting a party will be a breeze.

Cool your drink in less than a minute

This life hack is simple, but messy. The wet paper towel can drip water and can tear easily. Besides that, it worked reliably and cooled the drink fast.

Rating: 8/10

Blast music through an improvised speaker

This life hack takes no effort to make, and does not create a mess. The issue is that the speaker is unstable. It also did not make a significant difference in the volume of the music.

Rating: 6/10

Cut through food like butter with floss

This life hack is easy and helps to mitigate the mess from cutting soft foods. The most effort comes from cutting the actual food, but the floss cuts through it like butter. And a bonus was that I did not have any dishes to clean at the end.

Rating: 10/10


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