Viking Entertainment By Levi and BEN

The Vikings did multiple things for Entertainment like sports and games


During the long winter months vikings enjoyed a number of out door sports, such as skiing, sledding, skating and a version of ball hockey on ice. in summer vikings played ball games including a version of football and they liked fishing, swam and boated in many lakes and rivers. They also enjoyed combative sports like wrestling and fencing, skilled sports like archery swordplay and horsemanship, strength sports such as weight lifting.

Viking Sport


Vikings loved board games, and because so many of them were based on war they were especially popular with men. Some games were played on elaborate boards with beautiful pieces carved with bone. Hnefatafl was a particular favorite. it was was played like a game of chess or draughts, with 16 pieces of one color against eight pieces and a king of another color. One player tried to capture the King with his sixteen pieces, while the other tribe to protect the King with his eight.

Fun Facts

  • It is believed that Viking traders saw the Arabs playing chess and brought the game home to Scandinavia.
  • Viking children played with a variety of wooden toys, including dolls and sold
  • The Vikings did not call themselves “Vikings” The people we know of as Vikings originally came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Today, these three countries together are called Scandinavia
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